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Ring Size: A Complete Guide

Accurately sizing an engagement ring can often be the most difficult part of the engagement ring shopping process. Over time, one’s ring size can change due to a number of circumstances thus creating a need to resize a wedding band and/or engagement ring. 

In this blog, we will discuss engagement ring fit, how to measure ring size, how to guess ring size for a surprise proposal, and the process of resizing your ring. If you want to learn more about how ring sizing works, you can watch our IGTV!

How Should Your Engagement Ring Fit?

A perfectly sized engagement ring should be snug but still fits comfortably. The ring should slide onto your finger without issue but provide slight resistance when removed.  

Your engagement ring is too large if it slides up and down your finger with ease or if the center stone regularly spins around loosely at the base of your finger. If either of these sizing issues occur, we recommend getting your engagement ring resized to avoid damaging it

How to Measure Ring Size

The only way to accurately measure ring size is by scheduling an in-store consultation with your partner. During an in-store consultation, a design consultant from the Lauren B sales team will measure the ring finger using our custom Lauren B sizers for an accurate size. To learn how to use them, watch our instructional video on YouTube.

If you plan to keep the proposal a secret or cannot make it to the store for a consultation, at-home ring sizing methods may be your only option. In this case, Lauren B will send you a try-at-home plastic ring sizer. There are a few ways you can more accurately estimate your partner’s ring size while keeping the proposal secret. 

At-Home Methods

The first way to estimate your partner’s ring size at home is using the paper strip method. First cut a strip of paper ¾ inch wide and 4 inches long. Wrap the paper strip snugly around the base of your partner’s intended finger and mark where the paper overlaps. 

If your partner has a ring they wear on their left ring finger, you can measure the circumference of this ring with a ruler for an estimated ring size. This is only effective if your partner uses this ring on their left ring finger.

Lastly, you can request our custom Lauren B ring sizers to measure your partner’s ring finger. Lauren B ring sizers are specific to our engagement ring stock and will ensure your Lauren B engagement ring fits seamlessly on your partner’s finger. 

International Sizing

The US and Canada measure ring sizes using quarter and half sizes ranging from 3 to 13. International ring sizes, while using the same measurement process, differ from the US and Canada’s sizing system.

If you plan to purchase a Lauren B engagement ring but live in another country, you can refer to our international sizing guide. As long as you know the exact ring size in your respective country, you can accurately size your Lauren B engagement ring. 

How to Guess Your Partner’s Ring Size

Read more about ring size on our website here

You plan to propose in secret. How do you get your partner’s engagement ring size correct the first time around? 

There is no perfect way to guess your partner’s ring size, however, there are a couple of ways we suggest to estimate within the correct range. 

  1. Talk to your partner’s parents or friends to see if they have this information on hand. 
  2. If your partner has a ring they regularly wear on their engagement ring finger, bring this with you to the jeweler. Do not try to guess your partner’s ring size based on a ring worn on another finger as all fingers are different.
  3. Bring a picture of your significant other to the jeweler. Make sure that the picture clearly reveals your partner’s hands. Some jewelers can make an accurate engagement ring guess based on a picture. 

Note: If you are unsure of your partner’s engagement ring size and plan to keep your proposal a surprise, avoid selecting an eternity engagement ring band. Eternity bands cannot be resized and you will need to design an entirely new ring if it needs resizing. 

Resizing Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring can be resized a quarter to a half size larger or smaller without affecting the integrity of the ring. Resizing your engagement ring higher than a half size places stress on the ring potentially damaging the prongs. When engagement ring prongs are compromised, it is possible that the pave or center stone diamonds may come loose and/or fall out of the setting.

First-time resizing of your ring is complimentary at Lauren B Jewelry. The resizing process will take anywhere between 5 to 7 days, not including transit times if you ship your engagement ring to our store. If you live outside of the NYC area, you can email your diamond consultant to request a prepaid FedEx label for the insured value of your ring. Shipping costs $100 round trip. 

Engagement Ring Inspiration

The following engagement ring styles are popular with our clients here at Lauren B Jewelry. All of our engagement rings are customizable including metal color, center stone, setting, and more. If none of these styles suit your preferences, you can work with one of our design consultants to custom design the engagement ring of your dreams!

3 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Signature Wrap Solitaire Ring


1.21 ct Radiant & 1 ct Pear Shape Diamonds Diamond Duo Ring


3.01 Carat Radiant Cut Diamond Pave Basket Engagement Ring


6.01 ct Round Diamond Signature Wrap Engagement Ring


3.02 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring


3.00 Carat Oval Diamond Two-Tone Encrusted Basket Engagement Ring

Need Your Engagement Ring Resized?

Resizing your engagement ring with Lauren B Jewelry is simple and painless. As a reminder, your first resizing with Lauren B is complimentary, and the process should take between 5 and 7 days. Wearing the correct ring size will help prevent any unnecessary damages to your engagement ring thus increasing the longevity of your investment.

For questions regarding engagement ring resizing, you can email [email protected].