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About Lauren B Jewelry

Lauren B is one of the finest jewelry stores located in New York City, NYC
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Located in Midtown Manhattan, we carry an extensive collection of engagement rings, wedding bands, jewelry along with loose diamonds, moissanites, and gemstones



Origins: Lauren B was founded in 1980 by a husband-and-wife duo who started the company from humble beginnings out of a small booth in New York’s famed Diamond District jewelry exchange. The company was originally focused on selling gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces aimed towards a more seasoned clientele. Some of these stunning pieces from 'the early days' are still on display on our website and in our New York City showroom. While these pieces are no longer the driving forces behind the business, they are a testament to the quality handcrafted designs Lauren B has become known for.

Transformation: As trends changed, the world of high fashion fine jewelry started to shrink and the focus of the industry moved towards bridal; engagement rings, wedding bands, and more affordable everyday jewelry. Starting around 2010, Lauren B made its debut into the engagement ring world with a limited selection of custom engagement rings and a handful of loose diamonds to offer clients. These handmade engagement rings offered clients a higher level of quality and design than what was widely available at the time. 

During this same period, the age of social media and e-commerce started to really take form. Lauren B leveraged this new technology and was able to organically build a large base of loyal followers on both Instagram and YouTube. By showcasing original designs through close-up videos and photos for the world to see, it helped the company gain instant recognition drawing more and more people to the website and physical store in NYC. Lauren B also started creating some very noteworthy educational videos on engagement rings and diamonds that help give clients more confidence when making their purchase. Through constant innovation, Lauren B has grown exponentially during the past decade, simultaneously expanding their team, inventory and brand recognition.

Today:  Lauren B is now considered a leader in the custom engagement ring design and overall bridal-jewelry industry. Having created several trademark designs that have been widely acclaimed, they have set the precedent for design and quality;  Signature Wrap, Invisible Gallery™, Double Edge Halo and Hidden Halo™ designs to name a few. Their inventory now includes an unrivaled selection of in-stock engagement rings, loose diamonds, gemstones, wedding bands and jewelry perfectly curated to match any client’s taste or budget.

They also have a well-rounded team that brings the Lauren B experience to life. Not only do they offer a superior product and service, Lauren B also puts an emphasis on educating clients throughout the process. From design consultants who provide the personal touch needed for a life-changing engagement ring purchase, to their digital and social media team who creates engaging content; knowledge and service is always at the forefront of the shopping experience. Lauren B has taken their collection on the road with Pop-Up shops across the United States including LA, Chicago, Boston, DC and Dallas! They continue to expand horizons and explore new opportunities in the field of jewelry and engagement rings and are excited to see what the future holds!

Come visit us in our new showroom on the third floor at 608 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10020.