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Diamonds & Diamond Engagement Rings

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Lauren B Jewelry

Start with a Ring Design

Browse our collection of ring designs. All designs can be custom made to any size, quality, or shape center-stone to fit any budget. Or find your perfect ring from our in-stock collection

Shop by Ring Center Stone Type

At Lauren B, we can design rings to fit within any parameters. Look through our inventory of finished rings sorted by center stone type.

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Virtual Inventory

Discover our exclusive inventory of GIA-graded natural and lab-grown diamonds to find the perfect center stone for your engagement ring


Shop by Ring Shape

Already know which cut you like? Start searching by ring shape.


Work One on One with a Lauren B Design Consultant to create your dream ring. Shop with us in store or remotely. LEARN MORE >

Work with us remotely, or in store. LEARN MORE >

1. Design

Browse our collection of 500+ ring design. All designs can be custom made to any size. quality, or shape center-stone to fit any budget.

2. Stone

Work with our professionals who will paresent you with a curated selection of diamonds tailored to your exact needs.

3. Creation

All rings are made locally in our New York workshop and we ship insured worldwide

Handmade Engagement Rings

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Handmade Engagement Rings: Custom Made For You

Skilled craftsmen carefully arrange metals and set each stone individually for a final product that is delicate, yet durable, and stands out from the rest. We carry an extensive collection of complete engagement rings with center-stones, or we can custom create any ring design to match your exact specifications. We will also work with you on selecting a certified center diamond from our carefully curated inventory. Each engagement ring is tailored exactly to the size and shape of the center stone for a seamless, elegant look.

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Forever Starts With a Ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is the first step toward an exciting new chapter. We’re proud to offer a wide selection of in-stock rings and custom ring designs to help you mark the momentous occasion. Whether you’re buying in-store, online, or with help from one of our design consultants, we’ll match you with a ring that’s as unique as your love story.

Natural Diamonds

Iconic and enduring. Natural diamonds are synonymous with engagement rings, whether you envision a classic solitaire or three-stone ring or want a halo or pave style for extra sparkle. All our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America® (GIA), so you can count on a look that lasts.

If you’re opting for a custom design, browse our selection of loose natural diamonds to find the right one for your beloved.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Science meets beauty with our LAB Ready rings. These lab-grown diamonds are GIA-graded and boast the cut, color, and clarity you expect in an engagement ring. Lab-created diamonds are chemically identical to traditional diamonds, and creating them in a controlled setting is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to mining.

Planning a custom design? Shop our selection of loose lab-grown diamonds for a truly one-of-a-kind ring.

Moissanite and Colorful Stones

While traditional diamonds reign supreme, there’s more than one way for your love to shine. Moissanite offers all the glitter and glamor of a diamond at an affordable price. This stone has more natural fire than a diamond, offering a colorful flare in direct light.

Make your ring stand out with any of our color gemstones. Our selection spans the rainbow, from deep red rubies and yellow diamonds to pink and blue sapphires and opulent indigo tanzanite.

Engagement Ring FAQs

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Over a century ago, the myth about “three-months salary” began with the DeBeers company. That would put the average American today back about $19,000. However, there is no set number or equation to determine how much one should spend on an engagement ring. Figure out what works for you and your budget and Lauren B will customize your dream ring for you.

How should I prepare before browsing diamond engagement rings?

Before anyone sets out on their engagement ring journey, they should familiarize themselves with the 4 C’s of diamond grading: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. These are the four pillars that determine diamond quality and size. Check out our engagement ring gallery to see which shape speaks to you.

What types of center stones does Lauren B carry for engagement rings?

At Lauren B, we carry natural and lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and color gemstones. Natural and lab diamonds are indiscernible from one another, the only difference being where they were formed. The second most popular center stone option is Moissanite, a diamond alternative, known for its rainbow-fire brilliance. Alternatively, our inventory boasts a vast array of color gemstones from sapphires and morganite to color diamonds.

What settings will make my center stone appear larger?

There are a few ways to make your center stone look larger, the first being adding a halo. At Lauren B, we have a few halo styles beyond our classic halo, including our Double Edge Halo, Hidden Halo™, and Double Halo. If you don’t like the look of a halo, you can opt for an elongated shape center stone, our Super Slim band, or a three-stone ring.

How can I find the right ring size?

When checking your size, make sure the ring is just large enough to go over your knuckle but snug enough at the base of the finger in order to avoid shifting side to side or falling off. For an accurate measurement, measure the ring finger at the end of the day; measuring in the morning might be too tight of a measurement as fingers tend to swell as the day progresses. Check out our Ring Sizing page for all the information on finding your ring size.

Can I order loose diamonds from Lauren B online?

Yes! If you've found the diamond you want and are ready to purchase, you can "select this diamond" and add it to your cart. A Lauren B design consultant will reach out to you about next steps, whether that is adding your diamond to a custom order or having it shipped directly to you.

Do rose gold or yellow gold engagement rings require special maintenance?

Regardless of metal color, your ring will likely need replating in the future due to regular, everyday wear: body oil, frequent exposure to chemicals, and/or daily activities that require heavy use of your hands can lead to discoloration and dullness of the metal.

How can I choose the right metal for my engagement ring?

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your engagement ring metal: skin tone, lifestyle, center stone, and other jewelry. People with warmer skin tones look good in yellow and rose gold while those with cool skin tones will look best in white gold or platinum. If you have an active lifestyle, a hands-on job, or use your hands a lot in general, we recommend platinum since it can withstand wear and tear the best. Most obviously, the color grade of your center stone and/or metal color of your other jewelry, will also be a factor in determining which metal color will look best for your engagement ring.

Can I create a custom diamond engagement ring?

Lauren B is known for our custom engagement ring design process! Whether you want to start with a center stone or a setting, one of our dedicated design consultants will help you design your dream ring every step of the way.

Does Lauren B have exclusive collections?

Yes! Some of our exclusive engagement ring collections include our Signature Wrap, Invisible Gallery™, Hidden Halo™, Pave Prong, and Double Edge Halo collections.

Does Lauren B offer a warranty?

Lauren B is committed to providing our clients with fine quality craftsmanship and professional expertise; each jewelry purchase comes with an individual warranty card. You can find our full warranty policy here.

Are Lauren B diamonds conflict-free?

Yes! All of our diamonds are conflict free, based upon our personal knowledge and the information provided to us by our suppliers who follow the Kimberley Process. We will always strive to uphold the legitimacy of the diamond trade and disclose the source of all our gemstones.