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Handmade Engagement Rings

At Lauren B, all our engagement rings are handmade right here in New York City. Whether it is a custom engagement ring or in one of our showcases in our showroom, each ring is hand crafted in Midtown by our expert jewelers.

At Lauren B, all our engagement rings are handmade right here in New York City. Whether it is a custom engagement ring or in one of our showcases in our showroom, each ring is hand crafted in Midtown by our expert jewelers.

How are Lauren B Rings Made?

At Lauren B, we custom make all of our engagement rings in New York City. Most of our engagement rings feature one or more of our five signature settings: Hidden Halo™, Pave Prongs, Signature Wrap, Double Edge Halo, and Invisible Gallery™.

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How are Lauren B Rings Made?

Casting vs. Handcrafting: The Manufacturing Process

Most jewelers use the casting method to make their engagement rings which involves pouring molten metal into pre-made molds, polished, and adorned with gems. While this process certainly is faster and ensures that all pieces are uniform and exact, there is little to no room for customization and can sometimes create weak rings that are more prone to breaking. Additionally, having a “machine-made” ring lacks that personal touch that only a handmade ring offers.

The handcrafting process begins with raw pieces of metal that are then manipulated by cutting, hammering, shaping and heating to create the desired design. Once the metalwork is complete, it is polished and any gemstones are set to finalize the ring. Crafting engagement rings from scratch takes time, but we are proud to do it every single day.

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Casting vs. Handcrafting: The Manufacturing Process

Lauren B Signature Settings

Ever wonder how an engagement ring is made? While there are different ways out there for creating engagement rings, at Lauren B we hand make our rings which is a very precise and labor-intensive process that ensures a seamless finished piece that is made to last.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the creation of one of our custom double edge halo designs for a round center-stone from start to finish. Watch as our master craftsmen pull the metal into shape, create a seamless halo, solder the pieces together and set the pave diamonds. A true work of art and handmade craftsmanship, only at Lauren B.

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Lauren B Signature Settings

Exclusive Collections

Lauren B is known for a wide variety of signature styles.

Explore some of our most popular signature settings or learn about them on our blog.

Super Slim™

A major benefit to having rings that are 100% handcrafted is the ability to achieve finer, narrower designs. Without the use of machines, there is no excess metal on the band or the setting, giving the ring a less bulky and more delicate appearance. As a result of this process, Lauren B engagement rings are denser and more durable, making them more resistant to scratching.

Even with our ability to create thin bands through our handcrafting process, the demand for even thinner still exists. With this, we designed our Super Slim™—a band measuring 1.5mm wide.

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Super Slim™

Handmade Engagement Ring FAQs

What are the main differences between handcrafted and cast engagement rings?

Cast engagement rings are made using pre-made molds. All the jeweler has to do is pour molten metal into the mold, polish the metal, and add the center stone and or pave diamonds to the band. Casting is efficient for mass producing large volumes of engagement rings and is much less expensive than handmade engagement rings. Cast rings also require less time and labor. On the other hand, cast rings can be porous which is harmful to the structural integrity of the engagement ring and cause them to break. It is also not optimal if you are looking for a thin band or a custom design as everything is made using a pre-existing mold.
All of our engagement rings at Lauren B have been handcrafted from raw metal. The metal is then manipulated by cutting, hammering, shaping and (heating) to create the desired ring design. Once complete, it is polished and the center stone is set. Handmade engagement rings are more sturdy than cast engagement rings while achieving a thinner appearance. Additionally, handmade engagement rings can have endless customizations.

Where are your engagement rings made?

All of our engagement rings are handmade right here in New York City just a few blocks from our showroom in Midtown!

What are the benefits to handmade engagement rings?

Since handmade engagement rings are more dense from being shaped and hammereds, they are much more durable and resistant to breaking, scratching, and bending. Our jewelers are also able to create thinner bands with delicate features.

How long does it take to make a handcrafted engagement ring?

Depending on how intricate the design is, it can take between 4-8 weeks to create a custom engagement ring.

How can I make sure my wedding ring will fit with my engagement ring?

At Lauren B, since all of our engagement rings and wedding bands are handmade, we can ensure that all of our rings sit flush with one another. Our expert jewelers will use your engagement ring as a reference point to make a custom wedding band that will sit flush with your existing ring. Another benefit of everything being handmade!

What is your Return Policy for handmade engagement rings?

If you purchase one of our in-stock engagement rings, you have up to 10 days from receipt of your ring to exchange or return your ring. However, the ring must be in original condition with no sign of wear or damage. If the ring has been altered in any way (resized, engraved, rhodium dipped, etc.), we unfortunately cannot accept returns or exchanges. As for custom orders, we do not accept returns or exchanges under any circumstances.
Learn more about our Return Policy here.

Can I engrave something special on my engagement ring?

Yes! We can personalize your ring by adding an engraving on the inside of the band. This will apply for a majority of our styles.

What happens if I need to resize my ring?

If you purchased your ring at Lauren B, your first resizing is complimentary! If you are local, you can contact your design consultant or [email protected] to make an appointment to be resized and drop off your ring. If you do not live in the area, ask your design consultant to send you an insured shipping label to ship your ring back to us and instructions on how to resize yourself. Note: we cannot resize eternity rings.