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How To: Build the Perfect Ring Stack

One of our favorite trends in jewelry right now is ring stacking! What once was a simple engagement ring and wedding band pair has turned into the perfect 3-5 piece ring stack… and we are completely on board.

So, what exactly is a “ring stack” and how do you create a cohesive look while playing with metals, geometry, and gemstone colors? We offer 6 helpful tips to build the perfect stack that both dazzles on your finger and displays your unique style.  

What is a Ring Stack?

Ring Stacking is a trend in which you layer multiple rings on one or multiple fingers. A ring stack can refer to an engagement ring and set of wedding bands or multiple thin/simple bands stacked on a non-engagement ring finger. In this blog post, we will focus specifically on the engagement ring wedding band stack also referred to as the bridal set.  

Tips for Ring Stacking

Ring stacks are a great way to add a touch of personal style to your jewelry assortment. There is no “right” way to stack your engagement ring and complementary bands; ring stacks will vary dramatically from bride to bride.

While ring stacks are largely personal, there are a few ring stacking tips that can provide a solid foundation from which to build the perfect ring stack. These 6 tips serve as guidelines—not mandates so enjoy the ring stacking process and most importantly, have fun building your ring stack masterpiece!

Tip #1: Choose a Focal Point

The first and most important step to building the perfect ring stack is to choose a focal point. Generally, the engagement ring center stone is the focal point in a ring stack, but the focal point can be any feature of your engagement ring that makes your heart flutter. Maybe you are smitten with the clean lines of your emerald cut diamond engagement ring or the double-edged halo surrounding your center stone; whatever your preferred focal point, use this to inspire your ring stack. 

The following Lauren B engagement rings are the perfect, classic focal point for your ring stack. 

3.20 carat Lab Grown Oval Diamond Signature Wrap Engagement Ring


2.8ct Cushion Cut Diamond Pave Prong Ring


4.02ct Emerald Cut Diamond Super Slim Engagement Ring


1.82ct Round Diamond Four-Prong Engagement Ring

Tip #2: Choose a Theme

Another option for developing your ring stack style is to choose a theme rather than a focal point. A ring stack theme can range from retro and vintage-inspired to art deco, floral, or bohemian. The opportunities are endless. 

Choosing a theme rather than a focal point provides more flexibility for your ring stack allowing you to choose bands based on overall aesthetic rather than a specific engagement ring feature.

The following engagement ring and band pairings provide a glimpse into the potential for a thematic bridal set ring stack. 

Oval Moissanite Braided Band Engagement Ring with an 18k Rose Gold Plain Twisted Wedding Band

1.45 Carat Round Diamond Yellow Gold Engagement Ring with a .45 ct Diamond Yellow Bezel Set Eternity Band

Tip #3: Stick with an Odd Number of Rings

The quantity of bands in your ring stack is entirely dependent on your personal preference. Ring stacks with an odd number of bands create a perfect asymmetry, which is aesthetically appealing on the finger. 

You can stack as many rings on your finger as space permits, though too many rings may block finger mobility. The optimal number of bands for your ring stack is either 3 or 5 depending on the size of the space between the base of your finger and your first knuckle. 

Tip #4: Mix and Match

When selecting bands for your ring stack, you want bands that will complement the collective beauty of your stack. Mixing metals, gemstone colors, and geometric shapes can ultimately create a work of art you can showcase on your finger. 

Metals, colors, and geometry are not the only features you can mix and match in your ring stack. To add dimension to your ring stack, you can play with band weights, eternity bands, plain bands, etching detail, and much more. 

.90 Carat Round Diamond Close Basket Eternity Band


.60 Ct Round Diamond Rose Gold Channel Set Eternity Band


Sapphire and Diamond White Gold Pave Wedding Band


Yellow Diamond Yellow Gold Eternity Band Ring

Tip #5: Build Your Stack Gradually

We mean it when we say: there is no rush to create a ring stack. 

The most beautiful ring stacks are curated over time, adding bands to celebrate special occasions like an anniversary, the birth of a child, or a holiday. The end result of a gradually built ring stack is a precious collection of memories that tell a story of your lifetime. 

Tip #6: Try on Potential Bands in Person

When building your engagement ring stack, it is imperative that you try on a potential band in person. What looks good with your engagement ring and wedding band in a daydream may not actually jive in a ring stack. 

At Lauren B, our design consultants are eager to find you the perfect addition to your stack. If you have a specific vision in mind or you are working to achieve a certain aesthetic, we can help you find the perfect ring (or rings!) that will fit seamlessly.

The Lauren B Ring Stack

With 300+ wedding band styles to choose from and customization options for every wedding band in our showroom, Lauren B can take your bridal ring stack to the next level. A Lauren B ring stack can add dimension and depth to your engagement ring, enhance your cherished center stone, and reflect your personality and personal style. 

To schedule an in-store appointment, you can fill out our scheduling form here. Or, if you live outside of the NYC area, you can schedule a virtual ring design appointment in a few easy steps.