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  • Class is back in session! For this diamond tutorial, we will be discussing the radiant cut diamond. Known for its beautiful brilliance and versatility of shape – as it comes in both square and elongated options! – the radiant is getting more and more notoriety among diamond trends. Because its popularity is somewhat recent, it can often be difficult for clients to understand what can make or break a good quality radiant cut diamond. As a buyer, it is important to understand how to maximize on that special sparkle and get the most bang for your buck! Continue reading

  • The Perfect Pear Diamond

    There’s no mistaking – 2018 has been the year of the pear diamond! This diamond shape has been one of the most popularized trends this year at Lauren B. Our clients are flocking to them more and more due to their large face-up dimensions and distinctive asymmetrical look. We thought it was time to dig a little deeper and offer our clients a quick tutorial on pear shapes – what to look for, what to ignore, and how to know when you’ve found your perfect diamond!

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  • So you’ve purchased your Lauren B. ring, but you’re waiting for a special occasion to propose.. what are you supposed to do with it until then? Many of our clients face this issue, as the proposal is typically an unprecedented surprise and the timing is crucial. For those who live with their future betrothed, it can be super difficult to hide a ring while simultaneously keeping it safe until it is in its rightful place on their loved one’s finger! Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your special moment stays a secret until you pop the question! Continue reading

  • As many of our clients know, almost all of the Lauren B. diamond inventory contains GIA certified diamonds. We are often asked how other grading laboratories stand up to GIA, and the answer is simple: with a world-renown reputation and a strict benchmark for grading, you can rest assured that your GIA  diamond is worth the investment! Continue reading

  • Contrary to popular belief and what you may read on the Internet, there is not a single time of year that works better than others when it comes to finding a good deal on a diamond.  We are finding out that now, more than ever engagements are happening at all times of the year and across all corners of the world. While there may not be an opportune time to buy a certain diamond compared to others, we do have some insights into getting the best value from your diamond purchase!

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  • So you’ve received your gorgeous engagement ring and picked out wedding bands with your partner… but you need a little something to look extra special for the big day! Here at Lauren B., we are not limited to just our pretty rings – we also offer a wide array of unique earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that can turn any bride into a sparkling fashionista! Continue reading

  • Choosing an engagement ring means not only picking out the right design but also the right center stone. While many love moissanite and colored gem stones, you can't go wrong with a classic diamond! However, diamonds are pricey and choosing the right one can be difficult. Let's break down some tips on how you can maximize your center diamond budget and get the perfect ring! Continue reading

  • Molly Simms' stunning cushion cut halo engagement ring is one of the most asked about celebrity engagement rings and for a good reason! It features an elongated cushion cut diamond center  in a halo leading to a three-row diamond band.  Each small pave diamond stone is set close together and the three-rows on the band give a sparkling effect from all angles.  At Lauren B, cushion cut halos have been one of our engagement ring design staples. The soft edge shapes of the cushion cut diamond lends itself perfectly to our seamless halos.
    Here some Lauren B ring designs to consider if you are after a Molly Simms look:

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  • Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's engagement took the media by storm! While the exact details on the engagement ring diamond still remain a mystery; we can tell with certainty that it is an oval solitaire design based on the photos.  This design is spot on with current engagement ring trends. Make no mistake about it, ovals are still the number one fancy shape stone. The color metal gold setting is also a hot trend right now as both rose and yellow gold are being used now more than ever.  Let's take a look at some Lauren B ring designs that are going to give you the same Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber look

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    Figuring out how much a diamond costs depends on an array of factors.  While it is mainly based on the Four C's it can also depend on other variables that are lesser known.  For instance two exact same diamonds in terms of shape, carat weight, color, clarity, and cut can vary widely in price.  Let's break it down here and see what can effect a diamond's pricing.

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