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1. How did you get into the (diamond/jewelry) industry?


I was an assistant manager at a restaurant in midtown Manhattan. One of my usual clients owned a jewelry manufacturer in NYC, and they were looking for a charming nice-attitude guy (at least that’s what she said) to join their sales team.  She told me that I was a great candidate and asked if I wanted to switch careers. I obviously said yes. That was 10 years ago. Time flies!


2. Halo or no halo?


No halo; I like simplicity. 


Non-halo settings showcase the center diamond beautifully!

3. Plain or diamond band?


Diamond band; I like simplicity... but with a little bling! Lol


4. Favorite ring design you've ever made?


Cathedral 4 prongs with a signature wrap and pave band


Eddie likes a pave cathedral style band!

5. Piece of jewelry you can't live without/ wear all the time?


Definitely watches!


6. White gold, platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold?


Platinum all the way!


7. Ideal date night?


I'm a dancer, so an ideal date night would be a Latin lounge. 


8. Favorite part of the job?


Getting to play with diamonds all day long. 


9. How do you describe your design aesthetic?


Modern and simply neat.