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5 Spooky Situations To Avoid While Wearing Your Ring


With the busy holiday season rapidly approaching we are all bound to find ourselves in some sticky situations. From Halloween makeup to holiday baking - we have listed 5 spooky situations you should steer clear of to ensure the safety of ring!

Skin Care

During the colder seasons our skin may need a little TLC in the form of moisturizers, lotions, and masks, however our jewelry certainly does not! When battling weather-wrecked skin, be sure to remove your ring! Wait until you’ve washed off or soaked in whatever product you’re using in order to ensure nothing gets caught under or inside of your ring. Exfoliants can even increase the risk of scratching the metal of your ring or maneuvering the placement of pave-set stones, so it is best to keep your ring care and skin care separate! 


Cooking and Baking

Be sure to keep your ring in mind while building up your Pinterest recipe boards in preparation for the extravagant holiday meals ahead. For the sake of your ring and your sanity, do not stuff the turkey or knead the Christmas cookie dough without taking your ring off first! These yummy holiday treats may bring sparkle to your family's eyes however they do nothing but inhibit the sparkle of your ring! Remember: baking and bling do not mix!



When it comes to skin care products, be sure to let your ring rest aside during your beauty routine. Whether you're transforming your face into a full-blown sugar skull for Halloween or simply tousling some hairspray through your everyday curls, take your ring off! No makeup or hair product; your ring surely does not need any further beauty enhancement!


Working Out / Sports

If you plan on hitting the gym to burn off some Halloween candy or train for your town’s Turkey Trot, it is best to bench your bling. Lifting weights and contact sports not only raise your risk of damaging your ring, but they put your safety at risk as well! The force and pressure of ring avulsion, which can happen if your ring gets caught or pulled on something, can damage your skin, muscle tissues, tendons, and even bones in extreme cases! In conclusion - play it safe and take off your ring!



Seasonal cleaning and holiday party preparation are the perfect motivators to tidy up around the house. That being said - an engagement ring is not a smart side-kick choice. While working with cleaning products, painting, decorating, or gardening be sure to protect your ring by storing it in a safe place. Although gloves are recommended to protect our skin from damage caused by chemicals, gloves themselves can actually cause damage to your ring if a prong gets caught on rubber or thread. Keeping ring dishes around the house can serve as a helpful reminder to take off your ring!