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3 Secrets to Perfectly Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

As children, we often have elaborate dreams about our wedding day... We dream about a picturesque wedding scape, a dreamy partner, and a wedding dress that could stop traffic in Times Square. 

It is only when we actually begin our wedding planning process that we entertain the idea of accessorizing our wedding dress. How do you balance jewelry selections without detracting focus from your wedding dress? Furthermore, how do you tie an entire wedding look together that will look timeless and elegant in 50 years when you share your wedding album with your grandchildren? 


We gathered three of our top secrets to help you perfectly accessorize your wedding dress to create an overall look that will not only wow your eagerly awaiting partner, but your wedding guests, the photographer, the videographer, and probably even the catering staff.

Tip #1: Pick a focal point for your wedding day look

Chances are you have that one thing without which you could not imagine walking down the aisle. 


Maybe that thing is the delicate lacing details of your wedding dress, an ornate brooch passed down from your great-grandma, a pair of Louboutin shoes with hand-embroidered jewels, or your stunning princess cut engagement ring. Whatever makes your heart sing and your belly flutter with glee, let that be the focal point of your wedding look. We don’t mean to say that it will be the focus of your wedding look, but rather the foundation from which to coordinate your entire wedding day aesthetic. 

1.10 carat Princess Cut Diamond White Gold Engagement Ring

1.10 ct Princess Cut Diamond White Gold Engagement Ring


Securing a focal point for your wedding look helps with visual coordination from head to toe. Let’s use the example of a diamond and ruby hairpin worn by your great grandmother, your grandmother, your mother, and now… you. How can you use this as a focal point for your wedding look? 


Well, you can wear the hairpin during your wedding dress shopping excursion, observing perfect cohesion between your pin and your dream wedding dress. When choosing your wedding jewelry, you can select pieces with exact or complimentary diamond shapes, and select heels or flats with a subtle ruby red detailing… With an established focal point, all wedding look details will come together.

Tip #2: Choose your jewelry wisely

While your engagement ring and wedding band are the true jewelry stars of your wedding day, we encourage you to entertain the idea of introducing additional jewelry styles to your wedding day look. 


The idea is not to detract from your wedding dress, rather to enhance your overall wedding look with effortless ease. A simple pendant necklace with a sweetheart neckline or an elegant pair of pear shape diamond studs to compliment your pear shape diamond engagement ring can totally elevate your look.


The Wedding Necklace

If your wedding dress has a sweetheart, v-neck, or off-the-shoulder neckline, a delicate pendant necklace is the perfect, subtle jewelry accessory. 


When choosing a necklace style for your wedding day, there are two factors to consider: wedding dress color and the style of your engagement ring and wedding band. 


You can coordinate chain color and diamond setting color with your wedding dress for seamless cohesion. For example, if your wedding dress is creamy white or has a yellow undertone, a necklace with a gold or yellow gold chain will look fabulous. 

Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant 

Emerald-Cut Diamond Pendant, $1,350


If you have a traditional, frosty white wedding dress, you may prefer to match your necklace chain to your engagement ring or wedding band. If you have an oval solitaire diamond engagement ring, for example, an oval diamond pendant necklace with a halo of dazzling, pave diamonds adds a bit of glam to your wedding look. 


Petite Oval Diamond Halo Pendant, $1,750


Let’s say your engagement ring is a Princess Diana style with a deep blue sapphire, or you have an Oval Sapphire And Pave Diamond Halfway Wedding Band to add a pop of color to your solitaire engagement ring… You can coordinate your wedding day necklace stone with your engagement ring or wedding band stone. 


Sapphire And Diamond 18k White Gold Pendant, $1,750

The Wedding Earrings

High, jewel, or halter necklines are best accented by a dazzling pair of earrings, especially if your wedding hairstyle reveals your neck and ears.  


Diamond stud earrings are timeless wedding day accessories enjoyed by countless brides. This earring style comes in all shapes and sizes from pear-shaped diamond clusters to emerald cut diamond studs. While there is no set rule for matching your engagement ring and diamond stud shapes, there is something to be said about thoughtful coordination. 

1.8 Carat Total Weight Diamond Stud Earrings

1.8 Carat TW Diamond Stud Earrings, $7,200

Emerald Cut Diamond Studs

Emerald-Cut Diamond Studs, $520


Pear Shape Diamond Cluster Earrings, $2,200

Tip #3: Walk a mile in your shoes (not literally)

Let’s take a minute to do a quick calculation (stay with us). You will spend 1 hour fully dressed in your complete wedding look before you walk down the aisle. You will spend approximately 45 minutes standing at the altar. You will spend another hour taking pictures with your photographer and 3-4 hours with miscellaneous reception activities including fluttering around greeting wedding guests, cutting the cake, and busting moves on the dance floor. 


That is nearly 7 hours on your feet. When was the last time you spent nearly a full workday in sky-high heels? If you have your heart set on a pair of stilettos, you may want to schedule a shoe change to prevent permanent damage. Or, you can opt for a mid to low or kitten heel to keep your feet comfy all night long. 


One of the best wedding dress shopping tips is to bring a few different sized heels to your appointments (or the wedding heels, if you choose them early on) to get a feel for how your dress will look with varying heel heights.

Accessorizing is Our Expertise

Lauren B Jewelry started as a small booth in New York’s famous Diamond District owned by a husband-and-wife duo with a passion for creating stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces for a distinct clientele. Over the past 40+ years, Lauren B has expanded into the wedding space with brilliant engagement rings and wedding bands, while keeping a firm grasp on their roots: creating gorgeous, eye-catching jewelry pieces. 


Accessorizing is our expertise. We know jewelry, period. From elegant tennis bracelets and diamond sapphire wide hoop earrings to three stone radiant cut diamond halo engagement rings, we know how to accessorize your wedding look to create the perfect marriage between your personal style and the timeless elegance that will forever remain distinguished and radiant. 

You can also view our Loose Diamonds Inventory at laurenbdiamonds.com