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The Blog

Our Signature Setting Styles

At Lauren B, we are not only well known for our stunning diamond inventory - but also our gorgeous handmade signature settings. We have hundreds of engagement ring settings to choose from and the option to customize these designs to fit your personal preferences. That being said, there are five setting styles, in particular, we are most known for - as these styles are both beautiful and versatile - offering a modern yet timeless appeal.

Signature Wrap:

5.21 carat cushion cut diamond signature wrap engagement ring ITEM# LSR-20492

Our Signature Wrap style has consistently been our most sought-after setting style since introducing it into our design collection. Our Classic Signature Wrap style features our thin pave diamond band with a pave diamond wrap placed over the prongs and beneath the center stone. The wrap is incredibly subtle, as it is only seen from the side profile and cannot be seen looking straight down at the ring. This style is so popular because it offers that extra subtle sparkle without taking attention away from the center stone! We can even customize another design by adding our Signature Wrap feature to a wide variety of styles such as a three-row band, plain band, or even a three-stone ring.

Hidden Halo:

2.0 carat round diamond hidden halo engagement ring ITEM # RS-433

Often confused with our Signature Wrap style, our Hidden Halo style stands out as unlike the Signature Wrap style, it can be seen from both the side and the top profile. Additionally, our Hidden Halo features two rows of diamonds, while the Signature Wrap only features one. The Hidden Halo, similar to the wrap, is placed under the center stone and over the prongs - yet protrudes outward more so than the Signature Wrap. This design feature not only offers extra sparkle but also makes the center stone look 40-60% larger due to the extra finger coverage offered by the Hidden Halo. The Hidden Halo feature can be added to a ton of our designs and customized to your liking. It is a great choice if you like the idea of a halo - but want something a bit more subdued.

Double Edge Halo:

2.62 carat radiant cut diamond halo three row pave diamond band engagement ring ITEM# LSR-28457

At Lauren B, we are very well known for our halos specifically as they are handmade seamlessly, with absolutely no gaps or height discrepancies between the center stone and the halo itself. Most jewelers do not hand make their settings as we do, and instead, use machines to make their settings. This typically leads to unwanted metal heaviness and bulkiness as well as gaps between the center stone and the halo itself. Aside from our halos standing out due to their seamless appeal - we have one halo style in particular that we are most well known for called the Double Edge Halo. Traditionally, a halo has one row of diamonds around the center stone on the platinum or gold circumference. Our Double Edge Halo adds an additional row of diamonds on the edge of the first halo, adding some more sparkle to the ring’s side profile. On a classic halo design, this edge would be exposed yellow, rose, white gold, or platinum. Adding diamonds to the edge by choosing our Double Edge Halo creates a more modern, completed look and takes away some exposed metal by encrusting it in diamonds. This is a lovely choice for anyone that wants some additional finger coverage and sparkle.


Invisible Gallery:

radiant cut moissanite yellow gold pave diamond invisible gallery signature setting ITEM # LSR-26548

Our lowest profile, most functional setting design is our Invisible Gallery setting. Our Invisible Gallery design features a band that does not connect to the other side of the band to create a full circle beneath the ring. The band, instead, connects to a pave diamond wrap underneath the center stone - exposing the center stone at the bottom and eliminating excess height typically caused by propping up the center stone. This design is most known for being incredibly comfortable due to its low profile. It is less subject to getting caught on anything or getting in the way of your day-to-day activities. This is actually a design our design consultants often recommend to doctors, nurses, or anyone else that wears gloves at work or just prefers something more versatile. We still recommend, even with our Invisible Gallery design, you follow our recommendations in terms of day-to-day ring care - however, it certainly does take away additional discomfort one might experience when wearing a higher set ring on the finger!


Double Signature Wrap:

radiant cut diamond double pave wrap signature engagement ring ITEM # LSR-28450

One of the newest additions to our design collection is our Double Signature Wrap style, introduced at the beginning of 2021. The Double Signature Wrap collection features two circular rows of pave diamonds underneath the center-stone, while our Signature Wrap features just one. Like our Signature Wrap, both pave diamond wraps featured on our Double Signature Wrap are only seen from the side profile, offering even more sparkle however still keeping the center stone the main focal point when looking straight on at the ring. This is a great option if you want a more unique ring without veering too far from a classic look.

If you are having trouble deciding which style is for you or are ready to begin the custom design process, please email [email protected] to be connected with a design consultant! You can also view our online loose diamond inventory at laurenbdiamonds.com

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