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Halo Style Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings have been around for many years and have recently seen a noticeable resurgence in popularity amongst brides to be across the world. The halo itself refers to the row of smaller individually set diamonds that form a circle around the larger center stone. The halo not only gives each ring its own unique appeal, it can serve to enhance the apparent size of the center diamond by creating one seamless sparkling look when crafted properly. In general, there should be minimal airspace, if any, between the center stone and the halo in order to achieve this.

The halo lends itself to different variations in the both size and style of the diamonds that form it. This is a matter of personal taste as some people may prefer larger diamonds while others desire a finer look such as a micro pave diamond halo. At Lauren B Jewelry, we can customize any engagement ring to fit your exact specifications. All of our cushion cut, micro pave & custom halo style engagement rings are hand crafted right here in New York City and made to fit the exact dimensions of your center diamond. Although a custom design can be more costly and time consuming than a ready made setting, the delicate detail and beauty of it stand above the rest.

Below we will discuss a few different halo engagement ring variations as far as center stone, color, and design go that we carry at Lauren B Jewelry’s New York store. The options are endless, which is why we pride ourselves on custom engagement ring designs to fit not only your taste but your center-diamond. If you do not fin the style you are looking for on www.laurenbjewelry.com, we invite you to our New York jewelry store located just outside the world famous Diamond District in midtown Manhattan.


This handmade engagement ring features a cushion cut center in a low setting which sits flush against the finger of its wearer. When viewing this halo engagement ring from above, the micro pave halo and band flow beautifully together. For more of our popular engagement ring designs continue here.


In this halo engagement ring style, the center diamond sits high above the band with a gallery of diamonds between the cutlet of the center diamond and the band. This eye catching setup allows for the center diamond and halo to really stand out from the rest of the ring.


In this custom made halo engagement ring, the asscher cut center diamond is surrounded by a double sided halo. This extra fine detailing of micro pave diamonds gives the ring a complete sparkling look from any angle. Contact Lauren B Jewelry in New York’s world famous diamond district to find out about different variations on this style. For more of our popular engagement ring designs click here.


Halos can be done around any size, color, and shape of center stone. In this case a beautiful cushion shaped sapphire sits inside a handmade platinum setting featuring a perfectly fit micro pave diamond halo. In addition, the black rhodium finish on the ring helps give a beautiful contrast of colors between the white diamonds, blue sapphire and the metal. These different shades and contrasts all come together to help form a beautiful unified looking engagement ring.


This elegant engagement ring features a diamond halo around the round brilliant center diamond in tandem with a plain 18k white gold band. In this instance, the center diamond and accompanying halo shine alone.


In this gorgeous one of a kind ring, the heart shaped center diamond sits within a double halo of white diamonds set in white gold, and pink diamonds set in rose gold. Halos can be composed of different colored stones and set on assorted metals to give it a unique feel. In this case, pink diamonds set in rose gold serve as the perfect compliment to the heart shaped center diamond. This style is exclusively sold at Lauren B Jewelry of New York City.


In this halo and three-stone combination engagement ring, a fancy yellow oval center diamonds sits within a halo of round brilliant diamonds and is offset by two matching half mooned shaped side diamonds, which themselves sit within circles of diamonds.