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Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

In color psychology, yellow is described as a bright and intense color that attracts attention and evokes feelings of comfort and cheer. The naturally rich, yellow hue of the yellow diamond engagement ring is enticing and attention-grabbing. A quick glance at a bold, yellow center diamond can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Yellow diamond engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, and hues. As you begin your journey to find the most compatible yellow diamond engagement ring for you or your partner, there are a few factors and styling tips to consider. 


The Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for a yellow diamond engagement ring is quite a different process than shopping for a traditional, white diamond engagement ring. 


Yellow diamond color is the most important factor when selecting the perfect yellow diamond for your engagement ring and wedding band stack. Cut and clarity are important when shopping for a yellow diamond, but are largely based on aesthetic preferences and budget flexibility.



Traditional, white diamond engagement rings are rated by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) between D and Z. D, E, and F diamonds are considered “colorless” diamonds while S through Z diamonds have a light yellow or brown color. 


Fancy yellow diamond engagement rings are considered “colored diamonds” and fall outside of the D to Z range. These natural, yellow-colored diamonds are graded differently than traditional diamonds. The yellow diamond will fall into 1 of 6 categories: Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, and Fancy Vivid. The yellow diamond engagement ring increases in value as the saturation of the yellow hue increases. A Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid yellow diamond have a deep, yellow hue while the Fancy Light yellow diamond has a more light yellow hue. 


Some fancy yellow diamond engagement rings have a secondary hue that creates a deeper, more rich colored diamond when mixed with the yellow diamond hue. Our 1.62 Carat Fancy Orangey-Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Ring, an orange, secondary hue makes the yellow diamond far more vibrant. 

orange yellow pear shape diamond engagement ring

While fancy yellow diamonds are the more popular choice for yellow diamond engagement rings, some of our clients prefer to purchase a white diamond engagement ring with a color rating of X, Y, or Z. The X, Y, or Z yellow diamond is not a fancy yellow diamond, but it is a budget-friendly alternative. 


GIA Diamond Color Scale GIA Diamond Color Scale


The round brilliant cut enhances fire and brilliance with traditional, white diamonds. Yellow diamond engagement rings, on the other hand, have a stronger, more vibrant hue when cut into a fancy shape, which is any diamond shape other than the round brilliant cut. 


The radiant cut or the cushion cut is particularly effective cuts for enhancing the stunning yellow hue of the yellow diamond engagement ring. The facets (the flat surfaces cut onto a gemstone) of the radiant and cushion cuts both showcases the brilliance of the stone and the vibrance of the yellow. Win, win!


Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

2.20 ct Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


Yellow diamond clarity is a less important characteristic than color and cut. White diamonds reveal imperfections as a result of the lack of color in the diamond. With yellow-colored diamonds, the imperfections are generally invisible to the naked eye. 


Yellow diamonds with an SI2 clarity or higher are sufficient to maintain the beauty of the stone while keeping the cost down.

Tips for Styling Your Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Maybe you always dreamed that the love of your life would place a yellow diamond engagement ring on your ring finger. Or, maybe you recently developed a love for non-traditional engagement ring diamonds. However you ended up on this Lauren B yellow diamond engagement ring blog post, you might be wondering how exactly you would like to style your yellow diamond. 


There are specific ways to style your yellow diamond to either enhance or lighten the yellow hue of your yellow diamond. We gathered 3 tips curated from our design consultants to help you find the best yellow diamond engagement ring to suit your preferences.


Tip #1: Yellow gold enhances a yellow diamond. 

When choosing the best setting for your yellow diamond engagement ring, it is important to note the effect different colored metals have on the fancy yellow diamond. 


A yellow gold metal setting enhances the yellow of the fancy yellow diamond and is generally the more popular choice when setting a yellow diamond engagement ring. White gold or platinum settings, on the other hand, lighten the yellow diamond. While the effect of a white gold or platinum setting is not an enhancement of the yellow diamond, it still has a lovely contrasting effect that is visually appealing. 


Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

3.02ct Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring


Tip #2: A white diamond halo enhances a yellow diamond. 

A surefire way to deepen the hue of your yellow diamond engagement ring is to add a halo of white diamonds around the center stone. The stark contrast between the yellow and white diamonds enhances each stone’s color, drawing the eye into the mesmerizing, yellow stone. 


heart shape yellow diamond engagement ring

2.51 ct Heart Shape Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


Tip #3: A yellow diamond between two white diamonds enhances a yellow diamond center stone. 

Another engagement ring design option to consider when selecting your fancy yellow diamond engagement ring is a three-stone engagement ring. Three stone engagement rings with a yellow diamond center stone and two diamond side stones can effectively highlight the bold coloring of the yellow diamond. 


Yellow Diamond Emerald Cut Three-Stone Ring

3.05 ct Yellow Diamond Emerald Cut Three-Stone Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Yellow diamond engagement rings come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Whatever your aesthetic preferences, there is certainly a yellow diamond engagement ring that is perfect for you. 

Pear Shape Yellow Diamond Halo Ring

1.60 ct Pear Shape Yellow Diamond Halo Ring


2.22 ct Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring


2.21 ct Oval Yellow Diamond Halo Ring with Wide Split Band


2.00 ct Yellow Diamond Marquise Cut Halo Ring


Yellow Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

1.50 ct Cushion 3-Stone Yellow Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

And It Was All Yellow… 

If a traditional, white diamond engagement ring feels incohesive with your personality, the yellow diamond engagement ring is a beautiful, unexpected diamond choice that will brighten your mood every time you glance at your ring finger. 


Whether you prefer yellow gold or platinum setting, white diamond halo or no halo, a three-stone engagement ring, or a solitaire yellow diamond, we have plenty of stunning yellow diamond engagement ring choices in our inventory. If you want to personalize your engagement ring style, our design consultants at Lauren B will walk you through the process of creating the yellow diamond engagement ring of your dreams. 


If you have any questions about our yellow diamond engagement ring selections or any general questions about Lauren B engagement rings and jewelry, you can email us at [email protected].  You can also view our Virtual Loose Diamond & Gemstone Inventory.