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What is Morganite Gemstone? Lauren B Color Gem Stones

One of the most popular gemstones we offer is the Morganite. Morganite makes for a vibrant centerpiece in more non-traditional engagement rings. While they definitely stand out in a crowd, many clients are not as familiar with this type of colored stone's characteristics. Selecting suitable Morganites is a tedious process! If you are considering a Morganite center stone for your ring, it is important to understand both the benefits and the limitations of this eye-catching stone!


Morganite is a beryl, with a durability rating of 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale for gemstones. They are a great option to achieve a larger center stone on a lower budget. Morganite is named after financier J.P. Morgan. It was meant to recognize his widespread contributions to the arts. Most Morganites originate in Brazil. The few still found in Madagascar have the best reputation for their high quality.


Morganites are typically a light pink to a peachy hue, though they also come in lighter violet-pink shades as well. The depth of color in these stones is related to how they are cut, as the more concentrated the color is in the stone, the more valuable the Morganite is! Many are color treated to make them more pink, as the natural rough tends to be more orange. Heat-treating the stones simply removes some of that contrasting color in order to achieve the signature peach-pink hue most clients love. Setting the Morganite in rose gold is particularly great for showcasing this distinctive hue!


Morganites should have clear, distinctive facets that enhance the depth of the color. Some are cut with a "checkerboard' style faceting. This is not ideal for even light distribution. You can, however, find Morganites in just about every shape!


Morganites typically don't show visible inclusions. However you CAN damage the surface of the stone by scratching, scraping or chipping the stone. We recommend settings that either offer protection, like halos.  Or we tell our clients to be especially careful when it comes to monitoring their ring's wear and tear.


Morganites originate from larger crystals. They are more attractive when cut with larger facets. That means that larger Morganites will actually show MORE color than small ones. This is great if you are looking to maximize on finger coverage.