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How to Get the Sofia Richie Look

Sofia Richie was crowned the “It Girl” of the season when she married Elliot Grainge in an ultra-luxe wedding in the South of France. The ceremony left everyone wondering how they could match the style of the queen of effortless chic. 

Sofia’s Engagement Ring

Sofia Richie’s engagement ring is an absolute stunner; a natural six-carat emerald cut diamond on a plain, platinum band estimated to be worth around $300,000.

All the details on Sofia Richie's engagement ring

However, if you’re not looking to buy a house as an engagement ring, opting for a lab-grown center stone will cut that price tag by about 95%.

6.04 carat Emerald Lab Diamond Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

Picking the Perfect Diamond

You can still get this gorgeous ring look on any budget. When choosing your emerald cut diamond, size is important to make a true statement. However, you also want to consider the color and clarity of the stone.


Since emerald cuts are in the step-cut family, they have an open table that allows you to look more clearly into the diamond. Because of their more clear appearance, there is more flexibility when it comes to color. With that, we suggest staying within the D-J range for the best quality.


Clarity in emeralds is incredibly important; VS2 clarity and up is best for emeralds because there are fewer facets thus imperfections would be easier to detect to the naked eye. An eye-clean SI1 may exist but would be extremely rare.

Find the largest diamond with the best clarity and color in your budget to achieve the Sofia Richie engagement ring look. Many diamond experts say spending money on a smaller, high-quality diamond than a large diamond with noticeable imperfections is always the better option. 

The Sofia Setting

Sofia’s engagement ring has a plain, platinum band that allows the stone to remain in the spotlight. Platinum is considered the most precious metal for engagement bands and a popular option. However, other metals are common choices for solitaire engagement rings, so you can pick the one that works for you


Platinum is naturally a white color that truly allows diamonds to sparkle. Platinum is incredibly durable, meaning it can withstand daily wear. Since platinum is naturally white, it does not have to be replated or dipped in rhodium, like white gold, after extensive wear. Because platinum is more dense than gold, it is also more expensive.

White Gold

White Gold is a more affordable way to get the look of Sofia Richie’s ring. While white gold is more affordable than platinum, it can require more upkeep. After long-term wear of white gold jewelry, it occasionally needs to be redipped in rhodium to maintain its white appearance as all gold is naturally yellow. However, white gold is an excellent choice for those with cool skin tones, blue or green eyes, or dark hair.

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold is another very popular metal. While this won’t give you an identical ring appearance as Sofia Richie's, it can be a great twist on her ring if you prefer this color over white metals. Gold is naturally very soft, so gold rings will include a mix of metal alloys. The higher the karat the gold is, the purer it is, with 24 karat being pure gold. Yellow gold is a great choice for those with warmer skin tones, brown or hazel eyes, and brown, red, or blonde hair.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a unique option that has recently gained popularity. Again, this will give you a different look than Sofia Richie’s ring but can create a unique twist on it. The rose color simply comes from a different mix of metal alloys than what is used for white gold. Rose gold is romantic, and another great choice for those with warm skin tones, brown, hazel, or green eyes, and brown or blonde hair.

Next, Add the Emerald Cut Eternity Band

At the wedding reception, Sofia was seen wearing a stunning emerald-cut eternity band as her wedding band. The eternity band was stacked behind her engagement ring to complete her wedding set. The combination is truly show-stopping, and we’ll help you create your own version. 

4.30 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond White Gold Eternity Band

An eternity band is a wedding band with gemstones spanning the entirety of the band. While these rings are stunning, we recommend only opting for an eternity band if you are certain of your size because they cannot be resized. If you like the look of a diamond band but want something that you have the freedom to resize if need be, consider a halfway or three-quarter band.

Just like with the engagement ring, you want to pick the right emerald cut diamonds to complete the look. The nice thing about the diamond band is that the stones are smaller so you can get away with lower clarity without sacrificing the look. This can allow you to spend more on the center stone of your engagement ring. 

Is The Sofia Stack for You?

Sofia Richie’s wedding set is classic and chic. It makes sense why so many people want their set to look like hers. You can recreate the look exactly or customize different elements to have your unique twist on her look. Either way, you’re sure to have a stunning emerald-cut wedding set when you say “I do.”