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Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

No two pear shape diamonds are cut the same so if you're looking for something unique, a pear shape diamond is the center stone for you! This center-stone shape provides optimal finger coverage and will appear larger than most any other shapes. They have a distinct appearance with its tear drop outline and pointed tip.

LR-157 ring LR-157 ring

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Pear shape diamonds (also referred to as teardrops) can be described as a brilliant-cut hybrid between an oval and marquise shape. Like oval and marquise, pear diamonds can show color easily. We recommend opting for ‘I’ color and above to give you the whitest face-up look. Pear shapes hide imperfections well, and we can safely recommend eye-clean SI2 clarity diamonds and above for this shape. Pear diamonds will have ratios between 1.4-1.7 generally. The 1.4 ratio will give a shorter and more rounded appearance with a 1.7 ratio being long and thinner.