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Diamond Wedding Bands

The ultimate symbol of love and commitment.

Discover the perfect ring at Lauren B.

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  • Eternity Bands

    Eternity Bands

    With gemstones continuing all the way around in a uniform, or alternating pattern, these rings will sparkle from all angles.

  • Pave Bands

    Pave Bands

    A classic choice, pave wedding bands go with just about everything and can be worn alone.

  • Five Stone Bands

    Five Stone Bands

    Often worn on the right hand, these designs allow you to showcase larger gemstones without sacrificing comfort.

  • Bezel Bands

    Bezel Bands

    Featuring a thin rim of metal around each stone, these vintage styles are now available with a modern flare. Available in all diamond shapes.


  • Round Brilliant

    Round Brilliant

    Round diamonds will provide the most sparkle of any shape making it the most popular and timeless option for a wedding band.

  • Emerald Cut

    Emerald Cut

    Emerald cut wedding bands feature step cut faceting, giving it an elegant and timeless appeal. Wear it alone or stack it.

  • Oval Shape

    Oval Shape

    Ovals are admired for the finger coverage and brilliance it provides; now available in many eternity and wedding band designs.

  • Radiant Cut

    Radiant Cut

    Radiant cuts offer a geometric appearance with sparkle that rivals a round brilliant cut; a great alternative to emerald cut bands.

  • Pear Shape

    Pear Shape

    One of the most versatile, pear shaped diamonds can be set north-south, east-west, or diagonally and still look beautiful.

  • Cushion Cut

    Cushion Cut

    Cushion diamonds have a pillow-like appearance with rounded edges and corners making it a great option for different wedding band styles.

  • Marquise Cut

    Marquise Cut

    Revered for its vintage appeal, marquise wedding bands are unique and eye-catching.

  • Asscher Cut

    Asscher Cut

    The square version of the classic emerald cut, Asscher cuts are visually striking.

  • Princess Cut

    Princess Cut

    Fit for a royal, a princess cut diamond wedding band will always be a classic option.

LAB Wedding

Explore our exclusive lab created diamond wedding bands. Timeless elegance and unrivaled sparkle meet attainability.

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Wedding Band FAQs

What is a pave wedding band?

Pave refers to a setting style rather than a type of cut or stone. Pave is made up of tiny, barely visible, beads that hold diamond melee in place. There are several different types of pave, but the most common, besides standard, are micropave, multi-row, and fishtail. At Lauren B, we have pave bands ranging in size from .20 carats to 6 carats.

What is a U-Shape wedding band setting?

A U-shape setting is a type of prong basket in a U-Shape holding the diamonds in place. The base has a rounded bottom that curves inwards towards the wearer's finger. These types of settings are usually made with diamonds over a certain carat weight to ensure they can be securely held in.

What is an eternity band?

An eternity band is any ring with gemstones or a design that wraps around the entirety of the band. If you are unsure of your size or might need to or want to resize your ring later on, we advise against purchasing an eternity band as they cannot be resized, returned, altered, or exchanged. If you like the look of an eternity band and do not wish to take the risk, we recommend opting for a three-quarter band.

How do I make sure my wedding band will fit with my engagement ring?

At Lauren B, since all of our engagement rings and wedding bands are handmade, we can ensure that most of our rings sit flush with one another. Our expert jewelers will use your engagement ring as a reference point to create a custom wedding band that will sit flush with your existing ring by request.

If you only purchased your wedding ring from Lauren B, our master jewelers can customize wedding band to sit flush with your existing engagement ring.

How does a wedding band’s width affect its size and fit?

Typically, the wider the band, the tighter the fit on the finger. If you are choosing a thicker wedding band, keep in mind that you might have to size up, at minimum, about a quarter of a size.

Does stacking rings affect size?

Stacking wedding bands might cause them to fit more snugly on the wearer’s finger. For the same reason that a wedding band’s width affects its fit, stacking more than one ring will have a similar effect on the finger.

How long does it take to make a custom wedding band ring?

Depending on how intricate the design is, it can take between 4-8 weeks to create a custom engagement ring.

Can any wedding band be made in any Gold color or Platinum?

Yes! All of our wedding bands are completely customizable. If you see a design in our inventory that you like but it is not available in your desired metal color, we will custom make it for you no problem.

*Platinum wedding bands may incur additional fees.

What is your Return Policy for wedding bands?

If you purchase one of our in-stock wedding bands, you have up to 10 days from receipt of your ring to exchange or return your ring. The ring must be in original condition with no sign of wear or damage. If the ring has been altered in any way (resized, engraved, rhodium dipped, etc.), we cannot accept returns or exchanges. As for custom orders, we do not accept returns or exchanges under any circumstances.

Eternity bands cannot be returned, resized, or exchanged–even if they are purchased from stock.

Learn more about our Return Policy here.

Can I engrave something special on my wedding band?

Engraving is available by request on certain wedding band styles. Note: not all wedding bands can be engraved due to their setting.

Additionally, once a wedding band is engraved, it is not eligible for return or exchange.