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Caring For Your Jewelry

Most jewelry can be very durable but if treated roughly it can get scratched or dented. If you take the proper measures to care for your gold jewelry it could last a lifetime and be handed down to future generations. You should routinely examine your jewelry for any signs of wear or damage, and bring it to a trusted jeweler for repair before the problem worsens. Here are just a few of the actions you can take to protect your jewelry.

Jewelry Mounting and Prong Reinforcement

Maintenance can prevent you from losing your precious diamonds and other stones. The cost of caring for your mountings far outweighs the cost of losing a stone. We will examine your jewelry mountings and prongs for any damages that might endanger the stability of your diamonds and gemstones. The position of the prongs exposes them to surface friction and normal wear and tear. Look closely at the top of your prongs to ensure that they are not worn down and smoothed out. Also, run your fingers over the top of the setting and if you don’t feel the little domed roots sticking up then it is time for a re-tipping. If you ignore this, you risk the possibility of your diamonds and other gemstones falling out of the setting. In the event that all the prongs are worn out, it may be time to replace the head (prongs and prong base) for your mounting.


From time to time, you should bring your gold jewelry in for a polishing to keep up its fresh appearance. Dust, oils, and dirt can get on the surface and in the openings of your jewelry causing it to lose its luster.

Pearl Restringing

The chords of pearl necklaces and bracelets are very delicate and can be susceptible to breakage with time and wear. Our pearl experts will be able to prolong the life of your pearls by restringing and inspecting the clasps.