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Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow diamond engagement rings feature natural or lab-grown yellow diamonds as the center stone. Yellow diamond engagement rings provide the natural beauty and rarity that people often desire when buying an engagement ring but the unique and personalized touch of color.

yellow diamond ring yellow diamond ring

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Yellow color diamonds compose about half the total supply of fancy color diamonds. Most natural white diamonds have a yellow tint to them, which is reflected in the GIA color grading scale. The yellow hue of the yellow diamond is a result of trace amounts of nitrogen that seeps into the diamond’s crystal structure. When white diamonds have a slight yellow tint, they are deemed less valuable than a colorless white diamond. However, a yellow diamond’s value is directly connected to the level of saturation. Once a diamond gets into either the W-Z color range it will have a noticeable yellow color faceup and will look great in an engagement ring design. After the letter "Z" it will be categorized as a fancy light color then goes into deeper hues like fancy, fancy intense and fancy vivid. As you go further down the scale the diamond will have a more vibrant yellow color; the higher the level of saturation, the more valuable and desirable the yellow diamond becomes.