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Diamond Shapes, Lauren B Styles

Can’t decide which shape to select for your engagement ring?  Let me try to help you with a quick crash course covering some of the more popular diamond cuts

Here is a photo showing  some of the more popular cuts of diamonds weighing approximately 1.50 carat diamonds.  As you can see all are stunning and choosing the right one for yourself is simply a matter of preference.  From left to right we have:

1) the princess cut diamond has a distinct appearance with its sharp corners, this precise cut will probably give you the most sparkle out of any square diamond.  Check out our classic pave band style with princess cut center model# SOR-13299 from our website

2) the round brilliant cut which is of course the most classic and brilliant of all.  This cut is known for providing the greatest sparkle and fire due to its perfectly symmetrical cutting style. Round diamonds are very versataille and look great in almost any setting but this round diamond in cushion halo design is on of our most popular, model# RS-107

3) the increasingly popular oval diamond offers great length and impressive face up appearance.  This cut provides great finger coverage and is currently the hottest seller among our clients.  There are many notable styles to choose from our website but this classic halo RS-128 design is perhaps the most notable

4) the cushion cut with its rounded edges and pillow-like shape make it very attractive and suitable for most any ring design.  The RS-63 delicate pave design has been one of our hottest sellers for the way it showcases the center diamond perfectly with just the right amount of detail on the setting.

5) the pear shape diamond with its identifiable teardrop outline, this cut gives the illusion of a larger carat weight while maintaining great brilliance.  My personal favorite ring style is the RS-96 design which features a hidden row of diamonds beneath the halo to give it that extra unique feel

At Lauren B we carry a great inventory of every shape diamond in all sizes and qualities to help you select the perfect one.  An engagement ring is very special and by having all the options to choose from you can personalize yours to be exactly as you wish!

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