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Radiant Cut Lab-Grown Engagement Rings

The radiant cut is considered one of the most brilliant diamond shapes available for purchase. 70 intricate facet cuts create ample opportunity for light reflection creating a dazzling, sparkly effect that perpetually catches the eye.

Radiant Cut Lab Engagement Ring Radiant Cut Lab Engagement Ring

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In 1981, diamond cutter Henry Grossbard wanted to create a diamond shape that embraced the structured elegance of the emerald cut with the fiery sparkle of the round brilliant cut—thus the radiant cut was born. They are similar to the step cut in that these diamonds are often rectangular or square in shape with cropped or cut corners. However, the radiant is faceted like a brilliant on both the crown and pavilion which makes it more brilliant. This crisscross faceting, which is highly visible from a face-up view, makes this shape easily recognizable. It is a popular option for those who love the shape of an emerald cut but desire the brilliance and sparkle associated with the round. Due to their facet pattern, radiant cuts are more forgiving to imperfections than their step-cut counterparts. We would leave the minimum color at J and minimum clarity at SI2 only if the diamond is clean to the eye.