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Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Bands

Pear shape diamonds are a brilliant cut hybrid mix of an oval and marquise. Also known as the teardrop cut, pears are unique in that they can be set in several different ways for your wedding band!

Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Band Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Band

Meet with us in-store at our New York City showroom or shop with us remotely to see more Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Bands.

Did you know that no two pear shape diamonds are ever cut the same way? Even if they weigh the same, no pear shape diamond is identical to any other! Because of their unique shape, pears can be set north-south, east-west, alternating north-south, alternating east-west, angled, or alternating angles for your wedding band! Additionally, because of their hybrid nature, pear shape eternity bands pair well with a multitude of engagement ring shapes! The most popular engagement ring shapes to pair with your pear shape eternity bands are ovals, marquises, pears, and rounds.