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Oval Diamond Eternity Bands

Oval cut diamonds have remained the most popular shape for the last two years, so it comes as no surprise that oval diamond eternity bands are one of the most popular wedding band styles. The most important question: is the oval cut diamond your forever diamond?

Oval Diamond Eternity Band Oval Diamond Eternity Band

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The oval cut diamond has earned, and maintained, its popularity for good reason. This elongated diamond shape provides abundant finger coverage with a longer length measurement than other fancy-shaped diamonds. Despite the generous finger coverage, the oval cut diamond appears delicate and dainty with a slimming effect on the finger. If you or your partner plan to frequently wear your wedding band without your engagement ring for any number of reasons, the eternity band can provide an elegant statement as a standalone piece. Designed with natural or lab-grown diamonds, Lauren B can make any size oval diamond eternity band to match your budget and bring your dream ring to life!