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NYC’S Leading Jewelry Store Personalizes the Shopping Experience

With so many diamond options available, browsing the selection at a big-box retailer can be overwhelming. At Lauren B Jewelry, we take a personalized approach to our interactions with customers—our design consultants serve as trusted confidantes as you browse our NYC showroom. We are standing by to answer questions to help you make the right choice.

We Offer Competitive Prices

NYC Competitive Business

Although the price tag on a diamond might seem intimidating, our design consultants are eager to provide cost-effective solutions to help find the perfect stone within your budget. Our knowledgeable team can show you our exclusive selection of lab-grown diamonds in our NYC showroom. The natural diamonds in our inventory are also available at a wide range of price points to make the search more fruitful.

We Curate the Selection Process

Our team is excited to help you embark on this journey, which is why we encourage you to stop by and say hello! During your first scheduled appointment, our design consultants will guide you through our vast selection of diamond cuts, engagement ring settings, and wedding bands in our NYC showroom. Don’t worry about memorizing everything you see. We’ll log your top picks in our internal database for future reference. We don’t consider a job complete until our client is happy, so come back to our NYC office to finalize the design and inspect the finished piece.

We Know Timing Matters

From a romantic vacation to a casual dinner at your favorite restaurant, you might have a specific location and date in mind when you plan to pop the question. If the special day is right around the corner, we will expedite the usual four to eight week manufacturing process to ensure your custom handmade ring is ready on time.

We Will Get Your Ring to You Safely

After the time and money spent having a custom engagement ring handcrafted in NYC, we will make sure it gets to its destination safely. All shipments are delivered by FedEx® or can arrive the next day through the UPS® air service. We plan for any possible scenario, so take comfort in knowing your package is fully insured for the trip.

We Want Your Treasured Jewels to Last Forever

We want your diamonds to maintain their dazzling appearance for as long as possible, which is why we educate clients on how to care for gemstones at home. In addition to the ring, your shipment will contain a care manual with instructions for helping your jewelry keep its luster. The package will also contain the GIA® grading report, warranty documents, and the appraisal paperwork to keep in your files.

Let NYC’s Venerable Jewelry Store Craft Your Custom Pieces

NYC Let NYC’s Venerable Jewelry Store Craft Your Custom Pieces

From the 4 Cs of diamonds to the best setting for a stone shape, there are several points to consider when designing engagement rings and other custom pieces. Our friendly design consultants at Lauren B Jewelry will be by your side for each step of the process to make the experience more rewarding. This level of service we offer is why Lauren B has been a fixture in the city for over 40 years. To get started, contact us to schedule a time to drop by our NYC showroom at 608 5th Avenue in Manhattan.