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Client Services: Jewelry Repair, Replacement & Redesign

Your Full Service Jewelry Retailer

At Lauren B Jewelry, our goal is to satisfy all of our client’s needs in the realm of jewelry. With proper care and maintenance, your fine jewelry will reward you with a lifetime of pleasure and luxury. Lauren B offers a full range of professional jewelry repair and refinishing and refurbishment services that make it easy for you to bring back the joy your jewelry was meant to give you. Gold jewelry is very durable but if treated roughly it can get scratched or dented. If you take the proper measures to care for your gold jewelry it could last a lifetime and be handed down to future generations. You should routinely examine your jewelry for any signs of wear or damage, and bring it to a trusted jeweler for repair before the problem worsens. With the newest technologies at their disposal, jewelers have developed faster and more efficient ways of doing repairs, at a reduced cost to their clients. Lauren B can only repair or modify pieces that were originally purchased from our company due to future liability and durability issues that can arise from doing work on outside pieces.

We purchase your old diamonds and estate diamond jewelry

Lauren B Jewelry, one of the most reputable retailers in the jewelry industry, offers you the opportunity to sell your old diamonds and diamond jewelry at competitive prices in a comfortable, no hassle atmosphere. Having been in business for over 30 years, we are happy to share our extensive knowledge about diamonds and jewelry with you, the public. Because of our experience and centralized location in New York City’s Diamond District, we have accurate knowledge of current gemstone and precious metal valuations and will be able to offer you a fair price for your diamonds and jewelry. We specialize in purchasing both engagement rings and loose diamonds, sizes of one carat and up. As a licensed second hand dealer of New York City, you can be certain that we will be dealing with you in a prompt, honest, and forthright manner.

We invite you to our New York showroom where we can meet you in person and carefully evaluate your estate jewelry and diamonds that you wish to sell. We urge you to bring any appraisal, certificate, or paperwork associated with your piece to make the entire process as transparent as possible. Because selling something as precious as a diamond can be a very delicate matter, Lauren B Jewelry makes sure to deal with each person on a personalized, individual basis. A trained staff member will carefully inspect your diamond or jewelry, and share with you any information and opinions we have regarding your piece. Once this discussion is complete, Lauren B Jewelry will offer you a price that is completely up to the seller’s discretion to accept or reject. Be assured that any meeting with Lauren B Jewelry is no obligation to you, the seller. You will never be pressured to sell and will only do so if you are completely comfortable and satisfied with the service and price you are receiving. Lauren B Jewelry strives to make all transactions as instructive, secure, and mutually beneficial as possible for all parties involved. If for any reason, you are unable to make it to our New York showroom, you can e-mail or call us with a description and/or photograph of your diamond or jewelry and we will be happy to assist you further.

Jewelry Mounting and Prong Reinforcement

Maintenance can prevent you from losing your precious diamonds and other stones. The cost of caring for your mountings far outweighs the cost of losing a stone. We will examine your jewelry mountings and prongs for any damages that might endanger the stability of your diamonds and gemstones. The position of the prongs exposes them to surface friction and normal wear and tear. Look closely at the top of your prongs to ensure that they are not worn down and smoothed out. Also, run your fingers over the top of the setting and if you don’t feel the little domed roots sticking up then it is time for a re-tipping. If you ignore this, you risk the possibility of your diamonds and other gemstones falling out of the setting. In the event that all the prongs are worn out, it may be time to replace the head (prongs and prong base) for your mounting. At Lauren B Jewelry of New York, we will be able to give you an expert consultation as to what should be done to preserve your mountings.



From time to time, you should bring your gold jewelry in for a polishing to keep up its fresh appearance. Dust, oils, and dirt can get on the surface and in the openings of your jewelry causing it to lose its luster. Our expert polishers can restore your dull jewelry back to its original glimmer and shine.

Ring Sizing and Re-sizing

Our expert jewelers can determine your proper ring size and professionally adjust your ring to the perfect fit. We offer several options and sizing methods to ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty; the result will be seamless. Laser resizing is also available.

Re-design Engagement Rings

We can take your old engagement ring and reset the diamond into a contemporary setting of your choice. You can select from hundreds of settings in various designs from our New York showroom to find the one that suits your taste. You can also provide us with a photograph or sketch of a mounting you have seen elsewhere , and we can work with our skilled jewelers, right in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District, to create one for you.

Pearl Restringing

The chords of pearl necklaces and bracelets are very delicate and can be susceptible to breakage with time and wear. Our pearl experts will be able to prolong the life of your pearls by restringing and inspecting the clasps.


Stone Replacement

Diamonds and other stones can fall out of settings for any number of reasons. You can bring your damaged piece to our New York jewelry store, and our appointed jeweler can professionally match and replace most any stone in any setting. From diamonds to semi-precious stones, we are able to match the shape and color of the other stones in the jewelry piece to make it look like the first day you ever wore it.


We will give you an appraisal completed by one of our gemologists for all jewelry purchased from Lauren B Jewelry and Diamonds of New York City. Your appraisal will include an estimated retail value of the item, as well as a written report stating the type, quality, and carat weight of the gemstone, along with the type of precious metal.

Engraving- hand or machine

Engrave a meaningful message on your precious jewelry pieces to give it a more personal feel. Adding a phrase, name, date, or symbol is a perfect way to mark your jewelry forever.

Bring New Life to Your Old Jewelry

Bring or mail us your old, rarely worn jewelry and our experts will work with you to create an entirely new design. Our artisans, with many years of hands on experience in the jewelry trade, are on hand to help advise you. We can build a brand new piece of jewelry using your old diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and other gemstones or we can provide these to you using our established relationships with some of the finest stone cutters in the area.


Custom Jewelry Design

We can turn your design concept into reality by creating a custom made piece to your specifications. This concept can be based on a photograph or from your own idea. Once we establish the design your are looking for, we can focus on the specifics such as gemstones and metal types to be used. Our jewelers will work closely in designing a unique, handcrafted piece of jewelry just for you. At Lauren B Jewelry we make sure to be closely involved in every step of the creation process, as all the labor is done locally in New York City. Both the workmanship and our rates are sure to leave you very satisfied.

Timepiece Repair

Fine timepieces require special care and maintenance. They are calibrated instruments that must be maintained to continue to perform up to their potential. Although Lauren B Jewelry is not a watch retailer, we do our best to service our customers in the full spectrum of jewelry.

Due to the unknown nature and structure of rings not made or sold by Lauren B Jewelry, we may refuse a repair or adjustment on certain jewelry.