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Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamonds are ultra-feminine, soft, and delicate with a pillow-like shape and a dazzling sparkle. The soft shape of this cut and its substantial surface area on the finger has made lasting impressions.

yellow gold open profile cushion cut engagement ring yellow gold open profile cushion cut engagement ring

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Cushion cut diamonds are as old as diamond-cutting itself, though current versions (with the exception of antique cushion diamonds) are a result of technological advancements and refinement of diamond-cutting techniques. The cushion cut diamond is classified by its square or rectangular shape with soft, rounded edges, which takes on a pillow-like appearance. The faceting of a modified brilliant cushion cut diamond places emphasis on brilliance and sparkle, while effectively hiding diamond imperfections and diamond color. Cushion cut diamonds have several cut styles that reveal a slightly different overall appearance from style to style: the brilliant cut, the antique cut or “old mine cut,” and the crushed ice cut. Cushions tend to fall within the length-to-width ratios of 1:1 (for a more square look) to about 1:1.2 (for a more rectangular/elongated look). We find the 1:1.1 ratio a popular range for elongated cushions.