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What To Do If Your Engagement Ring Is Too Big

What To Do If Your Engagement Ring Is Too Big

Okay, so you've become engaged! Congratulations! It's normal to need a small (or large) adjustment to your engagement ring, especially if your partner surprised you and you were not sized in the store. Here's how to handle if your engagement ring is too big.

If You Have Access to Your Jeweler:

Always consult your engagement ring jeweler before sending your ring anywhere else to be worked on. Sending your engagement ring to an outside jeweler will often result in a void of your lifetime warranty. This is because one jeweler cannot be held accountable for another jeweler's work should something go awry in the resize/repair process.
If you do have access to your jeweler, stop in to be sized and they will be able to resize the ring for you. At Lauren B, the first ring resize is always on us. This is the easiest way to handle if your engagement ring is too big.
If you're experiencing difficulty with finding the correct size, consider your finger shape. Fingers can be tapered in shape or larger at the knuckle and then thinner at the base. If your finger is tapered, it's much easier to find the perfect size. If your finger is larger at the knuckle, you'll likely experience a loose fitting ring at the base of your finger. This is because the ring has to be big enough to fit over your knuckle. If this sounds like you, you're a great candidate for sizing beads. Sizing beads are little balls at the back inside of the ring that no one can see. They lightly grip the inside of your finger which keeps the ring sitting straight up and down on your finger. This eliminates all of the excess side to side movement.

If You Need a Quick Fix

Let's say accessing your jeweler isn't so convenient, what do you do then? We recommend ordering a rubber ring size adjuster to twist around the inner back of the ring. You will also see metal ring size adjusters that attach in a similar way, but those will damage the metal quickly by scratching up and down the band. The rubber adjusters will not damage your ring and are also more comfortable. They immediately make the ring fit more snug, plus they're quit affordable and can be found on Amazon's website. Please remember this is only a temporary fix and for the integrity of your ring design, you will want to have it properly sized when you can.
Lauren B spoke with BRIDES magazine recently all about the complexities of ring sizing which we'd love for you to read about it here.
Contact us with any questions that you have about your Lauren B engagement ring fit. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!