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Unique Proposal Ideas

The pressure to come up with a brilliant and clever marriage proposal is fueled by the media every day. It can make you scratch your head, falling deep into a daydream, which not everyone can afford to do considering the cost of engagement rings!! Everyone wants that special moment to be unforgettable, but asking doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive.

Here are some friendly tips that will hopefully spark some ideas for your own special “pop the question:”

Involve family and friends. Not only does this add to sentiment, emotion, and personal effect, it can save you a lot of stress, considering that more clever minds work better than one! You can include friends in family in the moment itself for the effect of surprise, or they can be your back up, and be ready for congratulations after the question.

Make it interactive. Activities like scavenger hunts, a night out on the town, re-tracing your first date, using “props,” and so on, can assist you in keeping it a secret that is revealed at the proper moment. Making it fun will surely cause the moment to be unforgettable.

Don’t plan at all! Sometimes, the best moments are created by complete spontaneity. As long as you aren’t prone to losing things like some of us are, carry it around with you and wait until the opportune moment jumps out at you. Remember that moment in “Stepmom” when Julia Roberts wakes up to Ed Norton tying a string around her finger and sliding the ring down it with a speech? What a gorgeous moment! Create a new, completely unexpected memory. Spontaneity can symbolize the love you have for each other, no matter what situation arises.

Make it crazy (within reason). We have all seen those who chose to jump out of a plane while holding a sign saying “Will you marry me,” or the same situation diving with a school of sharks that may or may not eat you before you have the chance to get married, but not all of us are that “adventurous.” While you can propose just about anywhere or while doing anything, I urge you to think of something somewhat relevant. Think of something your lover has always said they wanted to try, or a place they’ve always wanted to go. Doing something new together not only re-kindles the passion between you, but is a nod toward starting a new life as a married couple.

Sentimentality. In any proposal, I believe sentiment can support you in the greatest moment of your life. Using clues, meaningful props, inside jokes, family and friends, heirlooms, pets, art, and anything you can think of to add to the personal warmth of the moment will make it immensely special. The memory will not only be attached to the ring, but many other parts of your life that make your relationship momentous as a whole.

Asking the love of your life to be with you forever is a huge moment that you will never forget. The options for doing this are infinite. Hopefully some of the above tips can assist you in comping up with the perfect way to propose.

At Lauren B, we love talking about and hearing about the wonderful and ingenious ways in which people propose. There is never a dull moment! We would love to hear your story, or even help you brainstorm your own idea! Please share with us on: