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two tone rings

  • At Lauren B, we make custom rings for center stones of all kinds, but we are best known for our gorgeous settings! Whether you love a classic solitaire or an overstated double-edged halo design, we can make them in any metal preference: seamless white gold, luminous yellow gold, or romantic rose gold! Continue reading

  • Pedal to the Metal

     Today we are going to talk about metal color for your engagement ring and more specifically adding touches of color such as yellow or rose gold.  While the overall design/structure of the ring and its center-stone shape are of foremost importance, the metal type and color is just as crucial and will depict the whole look of your ring.  Flashback five years ago, and all you saw was white metal color rings which are considered to still be the industry standard. However, more and more people are after something unique and what better way to achieve than having an engagement ring with either yellow or rose gold in it?  There is something magical about a delicate micro-pave ring from Lauren B in either rose or yellow gold.  On this post , we are going to review all the different metal options and combinations out there and talk about some of our more popular engagement ring designs in more detail.  Even if you are dead set on a platinum or white gold ring for yourself you will still want to follow along as any ring in our collection can be custom made in color metal you like.  Vice versa, if you saw a white gold design on our website that you are head over heels in love with, please note we can make that in either rose, yellow or two-tone gold for the center-stone of your choice.  Let’s get started! Continue reading

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