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The Blog

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends of 2015

This past year brought about many new engagement ring designs but there are five trends that were most noteworthy. We will count them down right here:

#5 Round Diamonds in Cushion Shaped Halos- While halo style engagement rings have been trending for several years now the idea of placing a round center-stone into a square or cushion frame has really taken off.  People love the flattering appearance of a cushion shaped stone on their hand but actually prefer the sparkle and brilliance that a round brilliant cut diamond can provide.  These round in cushion halo rings create by our Lauren B craftsman are always super delicate and the transition from center-stone to halo is seamless.  In fact it is so seamless that is hard to even tell that you have a round shape center-stone in the middle.

details#4 Attention to Detail- an engagement ring is a highly prized possession and holds special meaning to its wearer.  While adding some subtle touches may not make a big splash to everyone else who looks at it, at the end of the day it is your ring and something you will look at constantly from ALL angles.   At Lauren B we are known for customizations that make your engagement ring a pleasure to behold.  From additional diamonds along the edge of the halo, multiple rows of diamonds on the band to a full wrap of pave beneath the main stone, there are countless ways to detail your ring and make it something truly unique while maintaining a classy, elegant feel.

#3 Rose Gold- our clients are always after something unique without being too over the top and what better way to achieve this than adding some color to the metal of your ring.  While white gold and platinum are the industry standard, rose gold is quickly catching up in popularity.  Its soft, neutral tone makes a very subtle statement and we have created rose gold engagement rings in every center diamond shape from micropave halos to simple solitaire designs.

ovals#2 Oval Diamonds: no other shape has skyrocketed in popularity of late as much as the oval cut diamond.  Once an afterthought and associated with older styles of jewelry, this unmistakable diamond cut has gained fashionable approval for its larger than average face up look and gracefully elongated appearance that looks great on the hand.  From micro-pave halo and non-halo styles to three stone designs, this diamond shape provides great versatility and looks great in most any style of engagement ring design thinkable.  We see this as only the beginning of the oval diamond’s rise to being the most sought after engagement ring shape and expect this trend to continue for years to come.  It is never too late to join the party!

#1 Floating Diamond Look: flashback 20 years ago and every engagement ring looked bulky and in some cases over the top.  Times have certainly changed, and now all the craze is about maintaining a dainty look on the band and keeping the focus on the center diamond.   By doing so you achieve a “floating diamond” appearance whereby the center-stone seems as though it is suspended in thin air.  The contrast of the very thin band to the center-stone makes the diamond look even impressive and standout more on the wearer’s hand.  Creating a super delicate ring is not for everyone as it takes great precision and a handmade process to ensure its aesthetics and durability which is a staple of ours at Lauren B.  Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring put the spotlight squarely on this style, but is something we have been specializing in well before that and now the public is catching on to just how beautiful these rings are.  These floating designs look great in any color metal and with any shape center-stone.