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Top 5 Engagement Ring Trend Predictions for 2020


It’s the beginning of a new decade - and that means new trends are coming! At Lauren B, we have a new roster of predictions for styles and center stones that we think clients will love!! Check out the following for more details on our top 5 upcoming engagement ring trends for 2020!

Multi-Stone Rings (2-5 stone)

Pictured: SOR-16172 / VNR-23791 / RS-407

Designs and diamond cuts come in and out of style, but what’s one client demand that never changes? Finger coverage! A great way to achieve this is with a classic 3-stone ring, however, you can also opt for 2 stones (in a Moi-et-Toi style) or even as many as 5 for even more bling! This is a great option if you like having multiple smaller stones or a mix of shapes as opposed to one larger center diamond. 


Budget-friendly Center Stones 

Pictured: LSR-24747 / LSR-22511 / LSR-18222

If you’re an avid LB follower, you’ve probably heard of Moissanite by now! It is our manufactured diamond alternative that looks like a diamond for a fraction of the price. What you may NOT have heard of is lab-grown diamonds, which is essentially carbon that is pressurized under high heat to accelerate the process of diamond formation. While it does not exactly mimic the way natural diamonds make their journey through the earth, it does allow for mid-range pricing between moissanite and the natural diamond. We are definitely seeing a surge in demand for these less expensive options!

Another trend on the rise is the use of colored gemstone center stones. Options like tourmaline, garnet, and morganite are increasing in popularity due to their unique color ranges and price per carat!


Eternity Bands as Engagement Rings

Pictured: AER-24041 / SOR-23779 / SOR-22510

At Lauren B, we love non-traditional options as much as the classics, and we have received many client requests for larger round and fancy cut diamond eternity bands as a substitute for a typical engagement ring. Make the most of the “engagement band” trend by customizing it for your favorite metal tone, shape, and width!


Antique Diamond Cuts

Pictured: SOR-16390 / LSR-19726 / RS-228

Now more than ever, clients are falling for more unique diamond cuts to make their engagement ring shine! Tying that to vintage-inspired designs means that antique diamond cuts are having a serious moment! From old mine cuts to old European cuts, the distinctive looks of these diamonds can bring a wow factor to even the simplest of settings!


Hybrid Step Cut

Pictured: LSR-24199 / VNR-24430 / sizes on the hand

From the old to the new: Our last trend prediction is a diamond cut we just added to our repertoire within the last 6 months: our hybrid step cut! This elongated cut-corner stone features a facet arrangement that weaves linear step cuts in a more condensed pattern to show beautifully intricate brilliance! Based on the response we’ve gotten so far, we think these are going to explode in 2020!

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