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All About Three-Row Band Engagement Rings

Unique engagement ring styles are becoming popular, and one of those styles is the three-row band. Three-row engagement rings are the perfect option for those looking to maximize their sparkle and make a bold statement.

What Is a Three-Row Band?

At Lauren B, our version of a three-row engagement ring is a three-sided pave-set diamond band. This style may also be called a multi-sided pave, a triple-row band, a three-sided pave, etc. As the name suggests, the three rows of pave refer to the ring’s band, not the setting or center stone.

If you’d like a three-sided pave engagement ring, we can craft a ring that has either a rounder appearance or a more squared one; your band can be customized to fit whichever style you’re looking for. 

It’s also best to pair these extravagant bands with a larger center stone for a fully brilliant look. A multi-sided band has a lot of detail and is a bit thicker than the traditional engagement band, so a larger diamond will be less likely to be “swallowed up” by the band. 

While the rounder dome appearance is the most popular option, you can design your three-sided pave band for your desired look. The bright cut style provides a vintage glam look with a small edge of metal between each side of diamonds. The style you choose is purely based on personal preference. 

Benefits of a Three-Row Band

Three-row bands have many benefits, especially if you love a lot of sparkle on your finger. The diamonds in these bands are visible from all angles so you’ll have more sparkle versus the standard pave engagement ring, which can only be seen from the top. 

Having three rows of diamonds also minimizes the appearance of the metal in the ring. This can create a more cohesive look because it keeps the less-sparkly aspects of the ring from being noticed. 

Three sides of diamonds allow for a much more significant sparkle on the finger. This makes it the most luxe band option for engagement rings. Choosing a three-sided band is the way to go if you’re looking for an engagement ring that screams glitz and glam. 

Keep in Mind…

It’s important to note that a three-sided band isn’t for everyone. Since the band requires three full rows of diamonds, it will be more expensive than a single-row band engagement ring. 

Three-row bands are also typically a bit bulkier on the finger than single-row bands. The bulk isn’t super noticeable, but it can be a deterrent for people who want a low-profile engagement ring style. 

Finally, since three-sided bands offer diamonds on all sides, it can be tempting to pair a three-row engagement ring with a three-row wedding band. However, the only thing that can scratch diamonds is other diamonds. So to prevent damage to your three-row bands, pair them mindfully. This means either adding a spacer band in between or finding a wedding band that has enough metal in between to prevent scratching.

Popular Three-Row Engagement Rings

Are you considering a multi-sided pave engagement ring? Check out some of our most popular options. 

7.59 carat Radiant Cut Lab Diamond Three-Row Ring.

4.01 carat Oval Diamond Three-Row Engagement Ring

Is This the Design for You?

Lauren B can design the three-row ring of your dreams within your budget. Whether you prefer natural or lab-created diamonds, we can work with you to create the perfect ring. If you don’t want the added glam of the three-row band, that’s okay, too. We have numerous styles to choose from, ensuring every bride has a beautiful ring that’s as unique as she is. 

Three-sided pave diamond bands are stunning, glamorous options for modern engagement rings. For the bride who can never have enough bling, there truly isn’t a band available that would be a better option. Pair it with a stunning center stone, and you’ll have a jaw-dropping design that will sparkle from every angle. Check out our Instagram and Pinterest for more three-row inspo!