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The Lauren B Experience: Meet Jorji and Markus!

This month's client spotlight welcomes Jorji and Markus! Check out their gorgeous proposal on the stunning beaches of the Bahamas and show this couple some #LBlove!!


Names: Jorji Gardiner and Markus Wright

Ages: 21 & 22

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Advisor: Lauren B. Shmueli


Q: How Did you find LB?

Markus: Jorji works within the fashion and modeling industry in New York. In the early stages of our relationship, she came across Lauren B on Instagram.


Jorji: Yeah, I think I came across the account just on my explore page. I was immediately obsessed with the timeless design and style of the rings!


Q: What made you choose LB for your ring design/purchase?

Markus: Getting an engagement ring from LB was always Jorji’s dream. I knew that I had to have it to make our moment super special!


Jorji: There was not a doubt in my mind that LB was the one and only spot for the perfect ring. The designs make a statement while remaining timeless and classic.


Q: Did you work remotely or in-store?

Markus: I surprised Jorji with a visit to the Lauren B. store near Grand Central. We took the time to go through all the different ring selections until Jorji selected her dream ring. I then partnered with Lauren remotely to ensure that we could keep the purchase a surprise.


Jorji: Markus told me we were going to brunch back in December. He surprised me by taking me to the LB showroom. I cried as soon as we turned the corner and I saw the sign! We spent a couple hours with Lauren herself finding the perfect ring. She was beyond helpful and caring!


Q: What design did you choose and why?

Markus: We chose a moissanite radiant cut center stone in 14kt white gold design with a  double-edged halo!


Jorji: The double-edged halo was something that stood out to me the most! This element allows the ring to sparkle and shine from every angle.


Q: Tell us about the proposal! How did it happen?

Markus: At the time, Jorji was a student at New York University while I was a cadet at the United States Military Academy. For our 4th Spring Break together, we decided to travel to the Bahamas. I coordinated with our resort to pick the most amazing spot on the entire property. I had roses aligned in the shape of a heart on the resort’s pier overlooking the ocean. We staged the entire day as a photoshoot so Jorji had no idea what was happening. I waited until she was standing in the middle of the roses and got down on one knee. Seeing her smile and heart beam with happiness at the sight of the ring made the moment life changing. It was perfect!



Jorji: Markus literally did the best job ever. We had planned a trip to the Bahamas for spring break. We spent the first couple days of the trip relaxing and exploring the area. Markus seemed a little off, but I really just thought he was so tired from the hard week at school before! Markus organized a photoshoot and I thought that was the surprise. I didn’t give it any second thought since this is something we do often for Instagram and whatnot! We walked out to the pier just before sunset and he had roses in the shape of a heart! He got down on one knee and of course we were both crying. We have talked about getting married from the moment that we met, so there was a lot of build up to this moment! We had our engagement shoot right after. We headed up to the room to change for the dinner reservation that he had also arranged. When we got up to the room, I was shocked all over again! The room had been set up with balloons on the floor and tons of roses. There were also roses on the bed that spelled out I love you! With rose petals scattered, we were also treated to champagne and a chocolate covered strawberry set-up with tons of toppings! The night was so much more than I ever could have imagined. I couldn’t be luckier.



Check out Jorji and Markus' gorgeous proposal here!

Q: How do you feel about your Lauren B experience? Would you recommend us to others?


Markus: Lauren B gave Jorji and I an outstanding experience. The selection and hospitality were undeniably amazing. It was a pleasure getting to work with an organization that truly cares about their customers. I would recommend Lauren B to anyone at any point in my life.


Jorji: Without question! While I wasn’t involved in the entire process, the experience that I did have with the team was phenomenal! You can tell that everyone involved has a genuine care for their customers. Lauren herself made everything more special and seamless with her help and expertise.