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Staff Picks: Lauren B. Staff Dream Wedding Band Stack

Here at Lauren B, we spend a lot of time dreaming up different engagement ring and wedding band stacks that work for our clients. Now more than ever, we also receive inquiries about "stacking", or pairing different bands together to create a more personalized combination of styles. This is sometimes in addition to an engagement ring, but can also work as a non-traditional alternative for those who simply like the discretion of not wearing a singular diamond. The ladies of Lauren B gave their input on the stack that they would put together to compliment their personal style, and of course, showcase all of the gorgeous looks we have to offer!


Lauren liked the idea of a large stack featuring bands of mixed widths and textures. Bezel set diamond bands frame a gorgeous three row asscher cut eternity band. The asscher band is attached to two rows of pave set round diamonds. This stack maximizes on detail and plenty of contrast!
(See styles GIR-19191, SOR-16217, VNR-15054 for similar styles as Lauren!)


Sara's combo of two bands kept things both elegant and feminine without looking too dainty - the crisp radiant cut band pops against the rose-gold u-shape band for unparalleled brilliance with a romantic flair.
(See styles VNR-13407 and SOR-16923 to stack like Sara!)


Ruth loved the idea of two larger eternity bands in lieu of a classic engagement ring - this pairing showcases fancy diamonds in contrasting cuts, with distinctive step-cut emeralds shown flush next to brilliant radiants. (See styles VNR-13144 and BZR-15321 for some larger stackable options like Ruth's!)


Gabby likes classic with a bit of retro edge - the pairing of a wider (and low profile) yellow gold pave band with a bezel set band is different enough to be eye-catching while still simple enough for everyday wear.
(See styles BVR-12253 and SOR-12945 for similar styles as Gabby!)



Cat's wedding band stack is super fun - though all of the rose gold makes for a cohesive grouping, the integration of different shapes allows each ring to stand out individually. This stack features sideways set marquise diamonds and fun bezel bands.
(See styles VNR-17944, SOR-18296, RTR-17345, and SOR-14937 to stack like Cat!)


Taylor's fusion of diamond and colored gemstone bands showcases pave-set stones in unique arrangements with mixed metal tones.

(See styles SOR-14882, DRR-17567, SOR-17140, RTR-18290, and DRR-16297 to create Taylor's stack!)


Courtney's stack is all about variety - a rose gold "Carolina-style" pave band is sandwiched between two larger fancy cut bands for a stack that makes a statement!
(See styles SOR-16927, VNR-12796, and AFR-15859 for similar styles to Courtney's!)


A multi-row pave band takes center stage between two larger round eternity style bands - this stack is all about sparkle!
See styles SOR-16928 and VNR-13252 for Kathryn's stack inspiration!)