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Self Giving Gift Ideas

Self Giving Gift Ideas

Who says you can’t gift yourself? Come on, you know you deserve it! Jewelry does not have to just be a gift such as an engagement ring from one person to another. However, there is something to be said about gifting yourself when you deserve it. Here are some great self gift ideas to consider that you can shower yourself with for any occasion you like!

Diamond Pendant

A cluster design is where smaller diamonds make up a larger design for a bright and sparkly look. This diamonds by the yard custom pendant has a cluster center in the shape of a flower along with accent diamonds along the chain. This type of necklace is an amazing option for an everyday necklace that you will never take off. The shorter chain pairs well with any type of neckline so you never to think about taking it off.  We can custom create this style with  any size diamonds depending on your favorite look. In general, diamond pendants make an awesome gift because it something you will wear every single day without having to worry about taking it on and off. It is one of those pieces that will always stay with you! Other popular options include color gemstones like sapphires to add a pop of color. Browse more of our necklace options here

Gem Stone Ring

aquamarine diamond gemstone split band ringAt Lauren B we are known for custom crafted diamond settings however the options for center stones are endless. We have a wide variety of precious and semiprecious gem stone rings that will look perfect on your right hand or even on your left! These rings give an amazing pop of color and allow you to get our signature micropave craftsmanship at a lower cost since the center is not a diamond.  This pear shape light blue aquamarine center looks amazing set in a split band halo design. For a more classic look, opt for a blue sapphire cushion cut center in a three stone ring design.

Drop Earrings

Small drop earrings are a really great self gift idea because they transition easily from day to night. For a delicate look, opt for these slim white gold hoops with micropave set diamonds on the outer and inner portion . For a very bright design, choose something like round brilliant cut diamonds in a custom handmade halo.  If you are thinking of something with a bit more color, incorporate precious and semi precious gems into the mix like this flower saphire and diamond earring set.

Right Hand Wedding Band

We are known for our micropave design engagement rings and sometimes these lo profile engagement rings don't leave the option of a tall wedding band sitting next to it. A great gift idea is a right hand wedding band that you wear specifically on its own since it features larger diamonds in a more pronounced setting design that does not necessarily have to match your engagement ring. If you have a white metal engagement ring think about getting a  colored metal such as rose gold or yellow gold U prong wedding band to wear on the other hand as a pop of color that can be customized for any size diamond layout. For a really special look, opt for fancy cut diamonds such as this emerald cut eternity band set in a low profile basket setting. This is not an easy ring to pair next to an engagement ring however on it's own is a real standout piece. Click here to go directly to our wedding band page.

Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet makes an amazing option for a self gift since it a versatile piece of jewelry that can easily take you from everyday wear through to a special occasion. Have the bracelet custom made with any size diamonds and we are sure you will be in love. This 2.15 carat total bracelet is a perfect everyday piece. For a bigger and brighter look,  Check out this beautiful 3.65 carat total weight tennis bracelet featuring round brilliant cuts in a four prong . To view more from our bracelet collection click here .

No matter what the occasion we are positive you can find a great opportunity to treat yourself and feel great about it! The best part about jewelry is that it is not like a pair of shoes or clothing that goes bad over time. Jewelry is something that stays with you forever and can be passed from generation to generation. Make an appointment to stop by our showroom to view our collection and inquire about any custom designs here!