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  • LIVE EPISODE #11 Over the Top Part I: Non-Halo/Solitaire Rings

    Thanks again for taking the time to read our blog and watch another Lauren B Live Episode which will again focus on custom engagement ring design.  On the previous one (which can be watched at your leisure on our Youtube playlist) we went into full detail on the many different styles of bands that can be used for your engagement ring.  Equally important is the top portion of your ring- the part closest to the center stone – and this combined with your band is going to dictate the overall style and look of your finished ring.  At Lauren B we specialize in custom design from A to Z, meaning you can mix and match any band and top from all rings in our collection to come up with your ideal design.  Attention all lovers of Non- halo rings! On today’s post, we are going to explore all the different non-halo options you have for the top of your engagement ring and break them down into different categories so you can really see the differences for yourself.  For our purposes, we are going to refer to these as any rings that do not have a halo/perimeter of pave diamonds going around the top surface center-stone.  While at first you might think, this is simple and there is only a couple of styles to choose from, if you browse our website or Instagram you will see there are many details you can incorporate here.  To watch the YouTube video click here and read along below Continue reading

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