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Ring Size: Why the Perfect Fit is Important

One of the most commonly unknown factors in our clients' pursuits of their engagement ring is their ring size - and it happens to be very important! When the element of surprise leaves questions about sizing and adjustments to be determined, it helps to understand how crucial it is to have a properly fitted ring.

Why is the Ring Size Important?

With the majority of Lauren B. rings we are building from the ground up. The custom ring order is based on the individual it is meant to fit. Whether you are between half, quarter, or eighths of a size, we build bands for every variation necessary. That means that once the band is built in a particular size, any required adjustment can affect the thickness of the metal and the alignment of the stones set in it.
Luckily, for most settings, a mild modification of a half or quarter size is not something we are typically concerned with, and it can be easily adjusted. However, resizes that are in excess of one whole ring size can cause more severe issues. This is not the best for the setting's integrity and can result in possible diamond loss and warping. For this reason we recommend coming to Lauren B. or visiting your local jeweler to be properly sized prior to production! It is NOT a good idea to guess!

My Ring is too Big

If you have an ill-fitting ring, chances are these top-heavier engagement rings will twist and spin around on your finger. That is even if it doesn't fall off entirely! This is definitely an issue you should resolve quickly - either with a resizing or the addition of sizing beads.
If your knuckle is larger than the the base of your finger then sizing beads are a good solution.
Sizing beads are small metal knobs placed on the inner shank of the ring to hold it in place against your finger. These beads can be removed just as easily as they are placed. They are a great solution to test a better fit without permanently altering the ring. The sizing beads will adjust the ring size by about 1/4 of a size.
A ring that spins or slides is much more vulnerable to being damaged by grabbing, hitting, or scraping that can occur just by performing every day activities.

It is important to keep in mind that factors such as cold weather can cause an otherwise properly fitted ring to fit more loose than what it usually does - time of day, weight gain/loss or bloating, and general climate can all cause variation in your ring's snugness. If you experience this, don't worry! We often tell people to wear their ring for a while before permanently sizing, just to confirm whether a permanent change in the size is actually necessary.

My Ring is too Small 

While much smaller rings than sized are not especially common, it does happen! Once this is done, the ring should really not be sized again because it makes for a very temperamental setting. The longevity of your ring should not be determined by the fit.

What is the Perfect Fit?

Your engagement ring will likely not fit the same as other costume jewelry you might wear every day. Ring designs with thinner bands need a slightly smaller ring sizing. Thicker options, like many wedding bands, will need a larger size. An engagement ring should fit pretty tight overall. There should be some resistance in taking it on and off. It should not slide right off of the knuckle, or out of place. It should rest towards the base of your finger sitting up right.
When you purchase a Lauren B. ring, the first ring sizing is complementary 
So if your fiancee didn't get it exactly right, we do our best to help correct it!

The Verdict

Having a jeweler properly size you yields exponentially better results than a random guess or estimate. This results in a neater overall appearance and maximized durability for the ring! We use special thinner bands to size our clients. Do take into account the thickness of the band with which you are being sized as well

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