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Resetting Your Diamond With Lauren B


Whether you are engaged, married, or have an heirloom diamond you are looking to propose with - the Lauren B team is here to help you craft the perfect setting to complement your existing centerstone. The design options are truly endless - any ring design you find on our website, Youtube channel, or Instagram page can be recreated to accommodate your own diamond and even be customized to your exact preferences. Have questions on how this process works? Keep reading below to learn more!

Why Would Someone Want to Reset Their Diamond?

Many of our clients have had their rings for years - even decades! Although a diamond’s quality and beauty stands the test of time, the same might not be said for a setting design. Those who love their diamond but want to refresh their older, outdated settings opt to hold on to their meaningful stone but give it a fresh new home in one of our sleek, modern designs.


How Are Lauren B Settings Made?

At Lauren B, we are well known for our minimal, elegant designs. Our standard look and well sought-out craftsmanship is a major result of how our rings are physically produced. In the past and still to this day, most jewelers design rings using precast settings. This means settings are entirely machine-made or ordered as parts that jewelers essentially weld together and present to you as your finished ring. This method of creating rings is incredibly outdated and only beneficial to the jeweler themselves, as they are able to cut costs and save time (a reason why many of our competitors can have a “custom” ring ready in a day or two)! 

At Lauren B, we design our rings a bit differently. All of our rings are handmade in New York City and never mass produced or precast. Each individual ring is made to fit the both the exact dimensions of your diamond and your personal design preferences. Hand-making rings helps us focus on each unique diamond and ring design, ensuring rings are made to the benefit of the wearer. 


Watch how we hand make each Lauren B ring here:


Will My Lauren B Setting Sit Nicely With A Wedding Band?

Since we hand-make our rings, we are able to make our settings very precise, helping to emphasize the true beauty of your diamond. Unlike some bulkier, metal-heavy precast settings, Lauren B settings are specifically crafted to sit flush with almost any band style!

View an array of our settings paired with wedding bands here!


Will My Diamond Fit in a Lauren B Halo?

Our halo designs are one of our most popular options for client resets. Why? As seen in the video above, our halos are made to fit the unique dimensions and depth of your center-stone. Lauren B Halos never have a gap between the center stone and the halo itself and the center stone is never raised above or below the halo. Many halos are made with obvious airspace or height discrepancies due to older production methods. These setting flaws can even be an indicator that a diamond was set in a setting that previously housed a different diamond - something that definitely indicates a jeweler's lack of care for both the ring’s durability and longevity as well as its overall design and elegance!

See the video below to view a cushion cut diamond that was reset for a client replacing their outdated halo for our design's more seamless appearance:


Can I Reset My Diamond Remotely?

Yes! About 65% of our clients never step foot in our Manhattan-based showroom - including those who choose to reset their diamond! If you choose to reset your diamond but cannot visit our flagship location, one of our design consultants can work with you remotely to customize your brand new setting!


How Do I Get Started?

Because our settings are made to fit the exact dimensions of your center stone, we must have the diamond in our possession in order to create the new mounting. Once you and your design consultant determine the setting style, they can send you a reverse shipping label for you to ship us your diamond. While in transit, your diamond is 100% insured by us and arrives overnight, leaving no time to waste!


How Long Does the Process Take?

As soon as we have your stone and a deposit is placed, it takes us about 3-4 weeks to reset your diamond! Once the ring is complete, your design consultant will send you an HD video of the ring if you cannot come in to see it in person. Then, the final product is approved by you so that once the balance is paid, we can arrange overnight shipping for your new-and-improved ring.


What Happens to My Old Setting?

When we ship you your new ring back, we will include your former setting in the shipment. If you are interested in setting a moissanite or gemstone in the previous mounting, your design consultant is able to assist you with this process as well!


Can I Use the Metal or Diamonds on My Old Setting on My New One?

All of our rings, even those with heirloom diamonds, go through strict quality control and therefore we typically cannot use metal or diamonds from your previous setting to craft your new one. This is because most stones on settings are smaller and more susceptible to chipping when a jeweler attempts to remove them. Exceptions can be made for bigger side stones, like for three-stone engagement rings, however the best way to know for sure is to contact your design consultant!


Is There an Additional Cost to Reset My Stone?

Aside from the setting’s cost, which is determined by its style and what metal you prefer, we must charge an additional setting fee for all loose stones and engagement ring revamps. This charge is simply a labor charge and starts at $300 and up, varying based on the size of your center stone.

Check out our entire playlist of re-vamped rings here!


While a center diamond never changes, you can always update your ring setting to give it a fresh look. Contact [email protected] to be connected with a design consultant and give your old engagement ring a new life!