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Quarantine Proposal Ideas: Can't Stop LB Love!


All over the world, COVID-19 has canceled planned proposals that would have taken place on vacations, romantic dinner-dates, and with friends and family around. News of several couples being forced to cancel engagement parties and weddings is everywhere, but it should not deter you from your decision to start your life with your significant other! We have many clients who already have purchased a ring, are in the process of doing so, or are thinking about inquiring to get the process started, however, today's couples are faced with a common question: How can I propose in quarantine? Lauren B is here to remind you that love is not canceled with five unique and creative ways to pop the question! 


Pet Proposal

If you and your partner are proud parents of a fur-baby, this one's for you! All pet owners consider them to be a third member of the relationship, so why not have them help pop the question? We believe your fluffy friend will be happy to lend a helping hand (or four helping paws!). We love ideas like carefully attaching your ring to a collar, proposing during your daily social-distancing dog walk, setting up a trail of treats leading to the sparkling one, or even a new puppy-proposal, as many of us are home and eager to train a little pup! 


Romantic Redecorating

Since you cannot bring your partner to their favorite romantic restaurant, a great way to pop the question during quarantine is to redecorate a room into a romantic candlelit scene. Roses, candles, and a delicious home cooked meal or take out from their favorite restaurant will help set the stage. Add balloons, your favorite pictures together, a “Marry Me” sign or banner, and twinkling lights for some extra pizazz to make the proposal special! The key to this proposal plan is keeping secrecy, so be sure to hide the supplies and revamp the designated room while she’s on a long work Zoom or phone call in another room, in the shower, sleeping, or out for groceries or a walk. Top it off with her favorite wine or champagne and have a toast to a lifetime of love! 


Sweet Surprise

This unfortunate pandemic has proven to be the perfect time to either utilize your cooking and baking skills or find a new love for cooking or baking together. Test out a cupcake or cookie recipe or jump on the banana bread wagon depending on your partner’s preferred treat. If baking is not your strong suit, you can also order delivery from a local bakery for some extra help! Decorate your sweet surprise with “Will you marry me?” written in icing, sprinkles, or candle letters to top it off. You can even, very carefully, use the ring as itself as a topper to really surprise her! Place the treats in a nice box or on a fancy plate and present the yummy treat to her after dinner or as breakfast in bed! 


Photo Album

Most couples have photos of many memories shared together. These photos of the two of you together can help you put together a picture-perfect proposal. You have many ways to do this! One is by hollowing out a book and putting your pictures on the front with the ring inside. You can also custom order a photo album online or make one of your own filling every page with your favorite photos and pop the question afterwards. You can even include a short story about how you met, the first time you said I love you, or about how you are proposing right now! This option is very crafty and will take some time - which luckily most of us have!


Host a Virtual Proposal Party

Whether you had planned to propose with friends and family present or planned to celebrate together afterwards, this idea can be done on its own or after one of the proposals above! Unfortunately social distancing has limited our physical interactions, but luckily technology has let us stay connected with our loved ones! Let your partner’s friends and family members be in on the surprise and propose with your loved ones present on video or right beforehand! Follow it by a large surprise celebration with your closest friends and family. Ask your party attendees to pour their favorite drinks, decorate their backgrounds with signs and balloons, and dress for the occasion. Have everyone raise a glass and cheers to your successful engagement! 


If you or your partner has proposed or plan to propose with a Lauren B ring during quarantine let us know by tagging us on instagram or emailing your sales associate photos of the special moment! We love showcasing our clients love stories on our Instagram and spreading the word that love is NOT canceled!