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Q & A with Lauren B Jewelry

Because this is usually a one-time purchase for many and their first foray into the diamond/engagement ring world there are usually many questions that need to be answered.

At Lauren B, our design consultants educate and guide our clients every step of the way during the custom engagement ring selection process. While many of these answers can be found by viewing our educational videos on social media (Instagram, Youtube) or on our website, we have selected some of the most common ones below for a quick Q&A that you might find insightful.

Q: What is the lowest color diamond recommended?

A: It depends on the shape of the diamond, and our diamonds range mostly from D-J color GIA certified. For example, emerald cut and round conceal color so a ‘J’ color will look perfectly fine while other cuts like oval show color more so aiming for anything ‘I’ or better is recommended.  You can view some loose diamonds videos on our gallery here to get a better feel for how they look in person.

GIA Diamond Color Scale GIA Diamond Color Scale

Q: Where can we expect to find the best value when selecting a diamond?

A: Working with a lower clarity is one way, and at Lauren B we have a great selection of SI2 graded diamonds that are eye clean and do not have any hazy appearance.  This is not as simple as it sounds as oftentimes an SI2 graded diamond will have noticeable black inclusions or have a dull sparkle, both of which will distract from the beauty of the diamond. Learn more about eye clean SI clarity diamonds

RS-292 Oval Diamond Engagement Ring White Gold Three Row Pave Diamond Band

Q: I am in the medical field and would like to have the ability to wear my engagement ring under gloves; is there a style ring that you would recommend?

A: Our trademarked Invisible Gallery™ design is the lowest profile design created exclusively by Lauren B.  Because the culet (bottom tip of the diamond) is left exposed, its profile height is low and unobtrusive for daily wear!

Q: I really love three stone ring styles however I am concerned that any wedding band would not sit well with it. What do you suggest?

A: Three-stone designs are a true classic and we have created ours specifically for most wedding bands to sit perfectly flush with your ring so we got you covered! You can pair almost any pave eternity band with it which will add a nice contrast against the plain band of a three-stone ring

Q: Is a super spready diamond like the ones Lauren B carries with large dimensions a shallow diamond?

A. Locating diamonds that are significantly larger than their carat weight indicates is truly a rare find and is also very desirable. The ones we carry are also perfectly cut and balance having less depth without sacrificing sparkle. This is often achieved due to a sharper faceting pattern underneath with less hidden weight (see our cushion brilliant and special radiant cuts) These spready diamonds have the weight concentrated on the surface where we want to see it most! One can pay the price of a smaller diamond without necessarily paying more for a higher 'carat' weight making it an amazing value. It's a win-win :)

Q: What is a ‘bow-tie’ in a diamond & is it something to avoid?

A: A ‘bow-tie’ in a diamond is a dark area across the center of a stone found in elongated shape diamonds (ovals, pears, radiants, and sometimes cushion).  This something that is almost inevitable as the facets are stretched and should be judged on how severe it is.  You want to avoid ones that are very distracting to the eye.

Q: What is the difference between the Signature Wrap design and the Hidden Halo™?

A: Our Signature Wrap design was the first design that put us on the map and features a single row of diamonds that wrap over the prongs, concealed underneath the center-stone.  The Hidden Halo™ design was based on this and features two rows of diamonds with the top row peaking out slightly from the top.

Q: Which Diamond shape looks the largest?

A: This is a popular question and the simplest answer is elongated diamonds do provide the most finger coverage and is the main reason why oval diamonds were the most popular shape of the past year.  It is also important to look at the measurements of the actual stone to ensure it is cut properly as not all elongated diamonds will look the same; if the stone is cut too deep it will not give you the impressive appearance you are after

Q: Is moissanite a “fake” diamond?

A: No, moissanite is a ‘diamond alternative’ and is manufactured in a laboratory.  Although they possess some of the same physical properties as a diamond, they are not meant to mimic one as the differences can usually be observed once you know what to look for.  They are beautiful gemstones in their own right and due to their affordability, make a great alternative to a diamond.

We hope you enjoyed this Q & A! For more in-depth information please visit our website and YouTube Channel for more!

We look forward to helping you create the most beautiful piece of your dreams! Please reach out to us at[email protected] or speak directly with one of our trusted expert Design Consultants by calling (212)-391-0633.