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Picking the Band of Your Engagement Ring

The band of your engagement is one of the most important features to your ring since it is the backdrop of your center gem and it is the part of your ring that hugs your finger. Picking the right band is not only based on the feeling it gives to your hand; it is more about the overall look you want your ring to have and the design you are after.  It is also important to take into consideration the size and shape of your center-stone as well how you would like the top portion of the ring to appear e.g halo vs non-halo.  For instance, elongated center-stones may work better with split bands, while a smaller center-stone with no halo might get lost on a thicker three row pave band. On the same note, the style of your band will relate to the general feel you are after; for example, if you want a more floating look opt for our delicate pave bands and for someone in the mood for a flashier look a three row band would be the way to go. If you thought there were a lot of options for center-stone shapes then your head might spin with all the different engagement ring band options we offer at Lauren B. These different aspects will have an effect on what will look aesthetically pleasing with the overall engagement ring.  Each person will want something different so we think breaking down each band option here will give you some more insight!


Pave: Pave is Characterized by very small gems that are set so close to one another that the surface looks “paved” with stones. This is our most popular way of setting diamonds because it adds a delicate and glittery look to an engagement ring. When it comes to pave there are variations that we will go into detail on here. Micropave refers to when the diamonds are so small they are of microscopic size.

Thinnest Pave: This is a very delicate single row of micropave diamonds, usually around 1.7 mm give or take. The thin micropave band allows your center stone to maintain all the attention of the ring and really stand out on the background.  Take a look at our classic RS-112 ring design featuring a round cut center. This features our thinnest micropave band allowing the round brilliant to look even more sparkly.

Medium- If you want your diamond to stand out but have a more substantial look to the ring, opt for something micropave with a medium thickness. This is going to be a ring at 2mm and slightly above. Here the diamonds on the band are more visible and the band will feel sturdier on the hand. Check out our SOR-14173 ring design featuring an oval center. The oval diamond is still the focal point but the thicker band allows for more weight on the hand.

Thicker- For those wanting their diamond setting to really stand out, opt for a thick pave setting. The thicker band allows for larger diamonds creating a very brilliant and sparkly appearance. On this brand new moissanite ring model SOR-16225 we have paired large round brilliant diamonds pave set into the band for a bright yet still comfortable look. Pave setting larger diamonds gives you sparkle but also allows for the ring to be more comfortable because it is set low to the hand. When it comes to pave settings you can also add an extra flare to keep it more unique. When the bands start getting this thick you want to make sure your center-stone/center- piece is substantial enough to not get swallowed up and lost in the band. Balance is key for rings like these as shown here

Here are some Pave "Add ons":

  • bright cut pave engagement ringBright Cut- Bright cut means the diamonds are pave set with prongs on each stone however there is a very slim border of metal along the sides of the diamond. This is not to be confused with channel set. Channel set diamonds are held physically into their place by the metal walls whereas bright cut diamonds are held into place with prongs and the thin metal wall is then added on. This design creates a clean and sleek appearance to the ring where the borders are definite.


  • Fishtail- Fishtail also referered to as “cut down”is when a special tool is used to make tiny X marks along the sides of the metal holding the micropave diamonds in place. Fishtail is essentially cutting down excess metal from the sides of the ring. This is done to create the effect of only seeing diamonds when looking from the top of the ring. One of our most popular designs is the VNR-13877 ring and this features fishtail detailing along the edge of the band creating a unique and glittering effect


Multi-row: Multi row bands have become one of the trendiest ring designs this year! This design features a row of diamonds on all sides of the band for 3D sparkling effect. Essentially any way that you move your hand there will be lots of sparkle. 

Thinnest- Naturally, a band that has diamonds on all three sides is going to be slightly thicker than a band that has just one of diamonds down the middle. This is because a more diamonds on the band means more metal is needed within the ring structure. A thin band with diamonds on all sides will maintain a delicate look to the ring but still give you that 3 dimension brilliance. Our RS-292 oval three row pave ring  features diamonds on all three sides for subtle yet sparkly look.

Medium- A medium thickness to our 3 row band is definitely our most popular. The medium thickness allows for a more sturdy feeling on the hand while still giving a bright look. RS-227 featuring and oval center and medium thickness three row micropave band is one of our absolute favorites for this design! Not only are these rings just slightly thicker than the previous set they also have a more squared off appearance on the band. Instead of a completely rounded/domed look there is a bit more distinction between the three rows on the band


Thicker- For those of you wanting a true statement ring, opt for a thick three row band. This design can have larger diamonds down the center row and smaller diamonds on the side rows or, opt for larger diamonds on all sides! Either way this design is sure to stand out from the rest. This looks amazing paired with a larger center stone for a nice proportionate balance.  Notice the style of pave setting here is bright cut as you can see the tiny walls on each side of the diamonds along the band

Split: Split shanks a nice way to add more substance to your engagement ring as well. They add a nice design element and give the illusion of the ring itself taking up more space on your finger. 

round diamond engagement ring with small split bandTighter-  A tight split on your engagement ring band will not be very obvious when viewed aerially however is a really nice detail you will notice from the side. This gives a nice tapering effect. Check out this oval moissanite halo design with a tight Y shape split. The split is very subtle and does not add too much airspace between the bands therefore is more subtle and the diamonds here will usually meet around the third or fourth stone down the band.

Medium- A medium sized split will have a more visible opening on the band when viewed the from the top angle. In this sort of design, the split becomes more obvious and will give a more bold effect on the hand.

split band engagement ringsWider- A wide split band is going to have the most open appearance when worn on the hand. This works very well with many different diamond shapes and sizes. Someone with longer fingers will really benefit from this style as it gives the appearance of taking up more space on the hand. Check out this gorgeous emerald cut halo ring featuring a wide split shank and milgraining along the sides- the wide split gives a very airy open appearance to the ring that we love!


Plain: Plain bands are an amazing choice if you want your center diamond to really stand out. We also love the idea of picking a plain band on your engagement ring then opting for a diamond wedding band to pair next to it. This is a really complementary and classic look that we are sure you will love! There are a few variations on the plain band we will go into here

Rounded- A rounded plain band offers you a very comfortable feel. We are really well known for our slim rounded comfort fit bands that allow your diamond to be the center of attention. We find the rounded design to be the most flattering and versatile from all these options. One of our favorites is this round cut center diamond featuring a plain band. Notice the prong to prong diamond detailing along the basket which gives a subtle hint of sparkle from the profile! Note you can also opt for this rounded thin band with a halo design around the center diamond as well.

Knife Edge- A knife edge band is a ring made with two edges that slope and meet in the middle to form a minor point on the surface of the ring. This gives the ring  an angled appearance.  The knife edge point is very smooth to touch. For someone wanting a very classic look this is your best bet.

Square- A square plain band is the perfect way to add a very clean modern look to your engagement ring. The sharp edges create a linear effect that we thinks works really well with square and rectangular shaped center diamonds. Check out this clean and sleek cushion cut diamond set in a yellow gold square solitaire setting. We love this modern yet classic look!

Twisted or Split:  As we have mentioned previously, a plain band does not have to be a standard single band; it can be split or twisted as shown here to give your classic look some nice detail and a unique appearance. Take a look at this emerald cut solitaire with delicate split and at this cushion cut diamond in a twisted solid band.

BEZEL BAND: For more of a vintage appeal we have these bezel set diamonds band; notice the milgrain/beading around each bezel which helps give it that retro feel. Check out this  emerald cut moissanite ring SOR-16292 & cushion cut diamond bezel ring SOR-15538. Both of the designs shown here are considered to be hybrids because the top features our signature pave wrap which is a very modern look. Still delicate by nature these rings will give you that light airy appearance many of our clients seek

When it comes to customizing an engagement ring there are so many fun combinations it is hard to select just one. Pick the band design you think works best with your favorite diamond shape and that you love best when looking at it. Please email us with any questions or set up an appointment; we are happy to advise you in custom creating a gorgeous ring that fits your taste!