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  • When a couple gets engaged, one of the most important things they must consider is the ring. Yes, their partner is obviously important, but that's not something that can be purchased. When it comes to symbols of a wedding, nothing else is as important as the ring. They symbolize an eternal bond and show love, support, compassion, and commitment to a couple's bright future.

    Because engagement rings are so important, nobody should be forced to settle for a ring they don't like. No, a ring should be an outward expression of an individual's love and a direct reflection of their personality. So how can someone make sure to get a ring that meets their needs? By creating and designing their own custom engagement rings in New York. Here are a few things everyone should know about custom engagement rings.

    • Custom rings do not need to be expensive. It's common to think that custom is another word for expensive. Most customizable objects or goods cost more because they require more work to create. But when it comes to engagement rings, most companies like can provide shoppers with great custom rings for about the same price as one from off the shelf.
    • Custom rings can mean something an individual (or couple) designs from the ground up or something as simple as selecting a setting and a stone. When looking for custom jewelry, it's important to know that some places offer more customization options than others. It is possible to work with a designer and craft a truly unique and one of a kind ring. Keep in mind that this level of customization might cost more than selecting a setting and a stone separately.
    • Customized rings don't need to take the traditional shape and size most engagement rings do. If a buyer wants a large ring with a fingernail sized pear in the center, a custom jewelry store can design just that. Rings and jewelry are all about personalization, so it's little wonder to know that customizing can take on a variety of forms.
    • An extensive knowledge of design is not required to build a truly unique piece of jewelry. Most custom jewelry stores will have experts on hand that can guide guests through the process, adding their knowledge and wisdom when necessary. While buyers can do anything they want (as long as they are willing to pay), the jewelers will be able to offer support, suggestions, and help only when necessary or completely take over the process.
  • When you find yourself in the market for a diamond, you want the best you can afford. A diamond makes a statement, and selecting a diamond within your budget can be a fun and exciting process. If you are thinking about buying diamonds in NYC, the first thing to do is educate yourself about the product you are investigating. You have probably heard of the four C's of diamond quality, and we want to help you understand exactly what each one means and how it plays into your purchase.


    The carat weight is a measurement of the size of the diamond in question. The higher the number is, the bigger the diamond will be. While the size of your diamond is obviously important, it should not be the only factor that you take into consideration (both in how your diamond looks and how much it costs).


    Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors. A letter scale is used to classify diamonds based on their whiteness, with D being the whitest and Z being much more yellow. Depending on the metal used for the ring (as well as your personal preference), you can determine the best color for your situation.


    Natural diamonds generally have minor imperfections called inclusions and blemishes. The location, size, and visibility of these inclusions and blemishes all factor into its appearance and therefore its placement on the clarity scale. While almost all diamonds have these imperfections, not all of them are visible to the naked eye.


    A diamond’s cut affects its ability to reflect and transmit light (also known as sparkle). Its proportions and symmetry are factored into its cut grade.

    While higher-quality diamonds generally cost more, it is very possible to compare various stones and find deals within your price range. Determine where your priorities lie--if color is very important to you but clarity matters less, then you can find a beautiful, white diamond with a few inclusions that won’t break the bank. At Lauren B Jewelry, we want to help you find your perfect diamond, and we are here to help clarify any diamond questions you may have.

  • We want to tell you a story. Imagine a man and a woman sitting down to dinner together at a lovely restaurant. It is evening, and the candlelight is glowing. The music is soft and romantic. The food is excellent; the wine is even better. Then the gentleman asks the lady if she is feeling cold. She is, so he takes off his coat and puts it around her. Then she feels a strange object in the coat. "What do you have in here?" she asks. So the lady reaches into the pocket and pulls out a large bundle of keys. "Why did you have all of this in your coat?" she asks. And when she looks up, she sees the gentleman on one knee beside the table, looking up at her with love in his eyes. "I had those in there," he says, "so that I had room in my pocket for this." And with that, he takes a ring box out of his pocket and holds it up to her. "Will you marry me?" he asks, opening the box to reveal a ring.

    The ring is not impressive. She says yes, hiding her disappointment. When he kisses her and slides the ring on her finger, she does not even take a second look at it.

    Everyone who hopes to propose to their significant other has this fear. "What if the ring is not good enough or not to their liking?" people ask themselves when they are ring shopping. Well, there is a certain kind of ring that is certain to impress, no matter a person's tastes or favorite color: a rose gold engagement ring.

    Rose gold is a beautiful, vintage gold that is back in fashion today. It has a slight reddish tone, not too red so as to compromise classical beauty, but the redness shines in a unique hue that is certain to impress. The best aspect of rose gold is its uniqueness; it will stand out from other flat gold rings with a special tint. It reminds the wearer of classic images of romance like roses, wine, and the sunset. The special hue will make your loved one stand out from the crowd; it is an extraordinary kind of ring for an extraordinary love.

    Rose gold is a blend of pure gold and copper with a tinge of silver that combines for strength, shine and a characteristic rosy hue. This alloy takes the best of all three elements and creates an ideal ring for when you pop the question. It is beautiful enough to complement diamonds and other fine jewels and strong enough to hold them.

    At Lauren B Jewelry, we hope that you are successful in your engagement and that like fine jewels, your marriage keeps its glow and value for many, many years. But first comes the question: will you marry me? We only hope that you hear a "yes," and that when you slip a ring onto your true love's hand, that the ring you place there forever is unique, beautiful, and durable rose gold.

  • Before you choose the perfect way to ask your loved one to marry you, you need to find the perfect ring. Cushion cut halo engagement rings are one of the more popular styles that people choose. If this is the cut for your future fiancee, it's important to think about the following three things to help you choose the perfect ring:

    Compare Ratios

    Cushion cut rings are known for the square or rectangular shape, but there are lots of different ratios for you to consider. If you want to stick to a square shape, you should try to stay as close to 1:0 as possible. If you're looking for something more rectangular, you need to find something in the 1:15-1:30 range. Compare the various ratios available to you to determine the perfect ratio for your loved one's ring.

    Consider the Other Cs

    You already have the first C--the cut--picked out, but there are three others that you need to consider:

    1. Color: If you want something colorless, you need to choose D, E, or F. To get a ring that is considered nearly colorless, you should find a G, H, or I. From there, the diamond may start to look more yellow and discolored.
    2. Clarity: L Diamonds that are flawless tend to be more expensive that ones that have lots of imperfections, but they will also have better quality and look better. The best grade for clarity is IF, or internally flawless. You could also choose a diamond with a rating of VVS1, VVS2, VS1, or VS2 for very slightly included or slightly included.
    3. Carat: Most people think that carat refers to the size, but it actually refers to the weight. You may find that a heavier diamond is smaller than you would expect, but it has a better quality. When it comes to choosing the carat, you should determine what your loved one's preferences would be.

    Choose a Setting

    A cushion cut is extremely versatile, so you have a lot of options to choose from. You could consider a solitaire setting, so you only have the diamond and a plain band. You could also choose to frame your diamond with other diamonds, colorful gems, or a vintage band. There are lots of different options for you, so look around and choose something that catches your eye and will complement your loved one's hand.

    When it comes to choosing the perfect cushion cut halo engagement ring, you can peruse the collection available at Lauren B Jewelry to get a feel for the ratios, colors, clarity, carats, and setting that you would prefer and would be the perfect fit for your future spouse.

  • New York City is host to the ultimate mecca of jewelry shopping. When navigating the city for the perfect statement piece or priceless engagement ring, the best place to start is 47th St in Manhattan. Jewelry in New York City has distinguished itself for boasting some of the highest-quality, avant-garde, and most expensive styles on the market. The Diamond District alone is home to 2,600 independent businesses, a majority of them dealing with quality diamonds and jewelry.

    When shopping for diamonds and other high-end jewelry pieces, there are some things to be aware of. Researching how to distinguish quality in diamonds, metals, and other precious stones is imperative. Social media sites can also be a benefit to researching the quality of service and products that various companies offer. The highest quality and selection of cuts, clarity, and carats can be found in New York City.

    If you're in the market for high-quality jewelry, contact an expert like Lauren B Jewelry. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • New York City is one of the world’s most popular locations for diamond shopping. With the Diamond District at its helm, Manhattan has every color, cut, carat, and clarity imaginable. The oval diamond is one of the more unique and underrated brilliant cuts available on the market.

    The oval-cut diamond was invented in New York City in 1957. This new design was one that optimized the distinct shine and sparkle in a refined oval diamond shape. Since that time, oval diamonds have been revered as one of the more unique and striking diamond silhouettes. Like the round diamond, the oval cut can have similar clarity and shine, but has the added bonus of appearing larger than its actual size. The elongated shape gives the appearance of a bigger diamond along with a more distinctive and elegant design. New York City is the diamond destination for every man and woman.

    If you want to find out more about the oval diamonds in NYC, the Diamond District is the perfect place to start. Whether you want to see the brilliant shine of this unique cut in person or want to find out more about it from a jeweler, Lauren B Jewelry is happy to help.

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