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long cushion cut

  • It's rare to come across a perfect cushion however this diamond of the week most definitely has it all. Here we have a 3+ carat elongated cushion cut diamond. Firstly, the fact that it is elongated means you achieve a better face to weight ratio on the center stone. Oftentimes cushion cut diamonds are cut too deep or even to shallow and therefore will look smaller than their actual weight and causing light leakage or a milky stone which does not have a nice brilliance or shape to it.
    Having an elongated cushion with a proper depth percentage gives you the right face up ratio and the perfect amount of sparkle. An elongated cut of almost any stone gives a graceful effect when worn on the hand as it mimics the shape of a finger and still looks its size. The cut of this cushion gives a crisp clean look with beautifully clear facets.

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