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Meet Courtney!

1. How did you get into the (diamond/jewelry) industry?

"I kind of fell into it! I was nannying for a family who owned a few jewelry stores in my hometown and I started working there part time while the kids were in school. I ended up loving the diamond aspect (and was pretty good at it!) so I decided to go to school for it from there! That was 7 years ago."

2. Halo or no halo?

"I go back and forth; I think it really depends on the center stone. Some halos really change the look of the diamond. This can be good or bad depending on the look you are going for. For example, I love a solitaire round, no halo. But I also love a halo on an elongated cushion or radiant!"

3. Plain or diamond band?

"Something else that I feel really depends on the center diamond. I generally lean towards plain but some stones/rings just look better with a pave band."

4. Favorite ring design you've ever made?

"I have so many favorites! I could never choose just one."

5. Piece of jewelry you can't live without/ wear all the time?

"My diamond studs. To date, my best investment and I tell this to anyone who will listen. I never take them out; they are the BEST!"

6. White gold, platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold?

"Yellow gold or white gold. I mix them both a lot. I want a yellow engagement ring."

7. Ideal date night?

"We would be at home in our PJ’s with our cats, a good movie & take out!"

8. Favorite part of the job?

"I meet so many amazing people. There is nothing better than genuinely connecting with your clients during such an exciting time in their lives!"

9. How do you describe your design aesthetic?

"I would say classic and feminine. I am into delicate, simple designs that don’t overpower the center stone."