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Lauren B Client Spotlight: Meet Jordan and Brendan!

Names: Jordan Wessel and Brendan Canova

Ages: 27 & 28

Lauren B Design Consultant: Kathryn Rawlick

Q: How did you find Lauren B?

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A: I originally found Lauren B through Instagram! I loved all the unique styles showcased because I wasn't sure about the exact design I wanted for my dream ring. Thankfully we were living in NYC at the time, so we were able to make a design appointment and try on so many different designs so I could see which style was perfect for me. The staff was so friendly, educational, and knowledgeable, I knew right away this is where I wanted my ring from.

Q: What made you choose Lauren B for your ring design/purchase?

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A: My fiancé and I met with 4 different jewelers before visiting Lauren B. In each appointment, I felt rushed and we left with numerous questions. When we visited Lauren B our design consultant took her time allowing me to try on numerous designs as she patiently walked us through the entire process. She took her time to answer our questions and was excited to share her knowledge. The team made me feel special, and they weren't pushy at all.

My fiancé chose to wait a while after our visits before truly diving into the ring design process. He knew he wanted it custom, with different characteristics all coming together to make up my dream ring, and the team was able to see his vision right away.

Q: Did you work remotely or in-store?

A: We originally visited in October of 2019! However, he didn’t begin the ring design process until mid-2020. The pandemic definitely pushed his plans, and we ended up moving away from NYC so everything had to be designed virtually. Lauren B still had my measurements and notes of what I loved on file, which I’m told made the design process seamless. The team was transparent and very helpful even from afar, and the ring turned out perfectly.

Q: What design did you choose and why?

ladies hand with oval diamond engagement ringRS-292 Oval Diamond Engagement Ring White Gold Three Row Pave Diamond Band

A: Brendan officially chose an Oval Diamond Three-Row pave band with a Lauren B Signature Wrap. I loved the way an oval diamond looked on my hand, and I fell in love with the look of the three-row pave. The Signature Wrap lifts the center-diamond and helps the ring sparkle from every angle, I’m truly obsessed with it.

Q: Tell us about the proposal! How did it happen?

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A: Since we had gone ring shopping together, I knew that *eventually* it was coming. However, when COVID hit, it delayed a lot of plans for Brendan. We put the discussion on the back-burner while we both adjusted to this “new normal.”

As the holidays were approaching, I began dropping hints but no one was giving me any clarity. His mom was coming to town to spend Christmas with my family, so I went & got my nails done just in case lol. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day came & went, and Brendan could tell I was disappointed. He proceeded to tell me “there was a delay with the ring, just hold on until our 6 year anniversary” which was in February. So I completely shut off any hope that it was coming in the near future.

December 26th is my best friend, Lex’s, birthday and I typically join her family for a celebratory dinner. She texted me telling me to dress up & go all out since we hadn’t throughout quarantine. My mom and sis poured me some wine, and I took my sweet time to get ready. I was under the impression my sister was staying home with the dogs, and both moms were going to a dinner of their own. On the drive to The Sanctuary (an hour away), Brendan distracted me with all my favorite songs so I wouldn’t notice how slow he was driving. Come to find out, my sister had to beat us to the venue to videotape the whole proposal.

As we arrived, Lex told us to meet her outside for a drink. On the walk down, Brendan proceeded to take my mask off as I saw rose petals spelling out “Marry Me?” on the lawn. I was absolutely shocked, especially knowing the night before he told me it wasn’t coming soon. The rest becomes a blur for me, I know it was filled with crying & laughing as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him & I said “of course.” There was a restaurant above us where a crowd was cheering, and that’s when I saw my sister & Lex come out of hiding to hug me with champagne.

It was the most overwhelming, magical moment of my life. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. We went to have dinner at my favorite restaurant where my mom, soon to be mother and law, and grandma were waiting to celebrate. All of the most important people in my life were involved that day, it still feels like a dream. The following day we had a private brunch at The Phoenician to continue the celebration & have a feeling we’re going to keep the celebration going all of 2021.

Q: How do you feel about your Lauren B experience? Would you recommend us to others?

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A: I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Lauren B. The staff made me truly feel special and worked diligently to ensure my ring turned out exactly as I had envisioned. I can confidently say that we chose the perfect place and I’m so proud to be an LB Bride.

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