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Packing for a trip is normally a pretty exciting activity and serves as the ultimate reminder that you are leaving town away from the work grind. What can easily become overlooked is how to protect your fine jewelry when on the road. Once you settle into your accommodations, do you leave your ring in your room when you go out for a swim? Should you even bring your ring on the trip with you? 

The first question you should ask yourself is if you even want to travel with your engagement ring. Some people don't like traveling with fine jewelry and in this case you can leave it safely in your home. Chances are high you will want something sparkling on that finger- afterall how can it un know the pleasures of your engagement ring? If you choose to bring your diamond friend along for the ride, make sure to keep it on your person at all times except when sleeping. It's a good idea to purchase a chain (matching the metal color of your ring or not) to throw your ring on when you're doing hand heavy activity abroad. When you do take it off before bed, make sure to place it close by on a nightstand- avoid keeping it near a sink where it can fall into a drain!
Another option gaining interest is to recreate the engagement ring almost exactly using diamond alternatives- our favorite being moissanite! These stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are about $800 per carat as compared to diamond, making it a more affordable option. We can hand make any of our settings to suit the exact measurements of any shape or size moissanite stone! Looking for something different? Try a sapphire colored stone instead. You can also wear this ring when you're home as a cocktail ring.
The next best option is to travel with the wedding band in place of the engagement ring, but if that's not enough sparkle, I recommend creating a stack of wedding bands to wear without the engagement ring. These wedding bands can feature colored stones, different colored metal or be exactly the same aesthetic feel as the engagement ring band. Having even 1 extra band can make the single wedding band feel more substantial. Make sure they sit flush against each other so you can wear them with your engagement ring when you're home.
Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure your ring is insured both in and out of your home. Picking the right insurance plan is so important and Lauren B recommends working with Jeweler's Mutual to do so if you do not have home owners or renters insurance already. Even if you do, we encourage you to contact Jeweler's Mutual just to compare policy prices as we only hear the very best feedback about working with them. Follow these tips and the only thing that can go wrong on your vacation is ending up with an empty margarita glass!
Contact Lauren B today to find out more about recreating your engagement ring in a moissanite or sapphire version, or to learn about a wedding band stack perfect for your engagement ring. Keep in mind we specialize in custom making all of our jewelry so no idea is too big. We look forward to hearing from you soon!