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How to Pair an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Pairing your engagement ring with a wedding band can feel like an unattainable art form. How can you enhance the favorite parts of your engagement ring stone, shape, or setting while creating dimension and symmetry? Can you mix and match wedding bands while maintaining a timeless elegance that you can cherish forever?

The good news is: there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a wedding band to compliment your engagement ring or your existing ring stack. 


Whether you want to exude individuality in your ring stack, create a vintage aesthetic, or turn heads with eye-catching glamour, there is a perfect wedding band out there for you. 

How to Choose a Complimentary Wedding Band

As you delve into the world of complementary wedding bands, there are five factors to consider:


  1. Gemstone Preference
  2. Setting Technique
  3. Stone Shape
  4. Band Style
  5. Metal Color


As you make your way through this list, take note of your preferences or your partner’s preferences so that you can communicate your vision to a sales associate. The more information you can provide to your jeweler, the better your chances of creating an awe-inspiring ring stack.


Determine Your Gemstone Preference

While diamonds are the most popular gemstone selection, they are certainly not the only option for your engagement ring and wedding band. Moissanite is an increasingly desired gemstone for brides everywhere with high durability and more brilliance and fire than actual diamonds. 


Colored gemstones are another option for non-traditional brides. There are endless options for colored gemstones including: sapphires, rubies, emeralds, yellow diamonds, black diamonds, and more. You can play with colored gemstones to add a bit of spice to your engagement ring, creating unique contrast that draws the eye.


Select a Setting Technique

When choosing the perfect wedding band, you need to consider the setting and how it might complement or contrast your engagement ring. The 'setting' is a term that refers to how the gemstones are held to the band.


There are six primary wedding band settings: pave, u-shape, channel, prong basket, bezel, and compass. Each wedding band setting highlights your chosen stone(s) in a unique way. The best wedding band setting to compliment your engagement ring is largely based on your personal preference; you can match settings, create drama with contrasting settings, or stack multiple bands with various settings to add dimension.


A pave setting is a collection of small gemstones that line the band creating the illusion of a pathway that brilliantly guides the eye to the center stone of the engagement ring. 

1.35 Carat round diamond pave wedding band yellow gold 14 karat

1.35 Carat Round Diamond Pave Wedding Band, $2,480


The u-shape setting gently cups the stone to create a “u”-shaped cutout in the band. Each stone is secured in place with 4 metal prongs, which delicately compliments the stone brilliance.

3.30 Carat Round Diamond U-Shape Eternity band white gold 14 karat

3.30 Carat Round Diamond U-Shape Eternity Band, $6,700

Channel or Bright Cut

Channel or “bright” cut settings house bright gemstones or brilliant diamonds within a comfortable channel created by two metal strips. 

channel set sapphire eternity band white gold 14 karat

Channel Set Sapphire White Gold Eternity Band, $1,580

Prong Basket

A prong basket wedding band setting uses metal prongs to create tiny little baskets which suspend the stones above the metal band. 

2.20 carat east west pear shape diamond eternity band 14 karat white gold

2.20 Carat East-West Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Band, $4,950


Bezel settings are the most secure wedding ring setting for both engagement rings and wedding bands. A bezel setting secures the stone(s) in a custom-made metal rim creating a beautiful framing effect. 

0.30 Carat round diamond rose gold multi shape bezel millgrain ring rose gold 14 karat

.30 Carat Round Diamond Rose Gold Multi-Shape Bezel Ring, $1,280


A compass setting aligns each metal prong surrounding the stone with the cardinal points of a compass (North, South, East, and West). The result is a four-prong hold on the top of the stone, the bottom of the stone, to the right of the stone, and to the left of the stone.

2.55 Carat Round Diamond Compass Set Eternity Band 14 karat white gold

2.55 Carat Round Diamond Compass Set Eternity Band, $5,200

What is Your Favorite Stone Shape?

Stone shape is another factor to consider when making your wedding band selection. Stone shape refers to the outline of your selected stone. There are plenty of stone shapes from which to choose including: round, cushion, princess, radiant, asscher, pear, oval, heart, marquise, emerald, and baguette.


You can match your wedding band stone shape with your engagement ring stone shape, use complementary shapes, or incorporate various stone shapes for unparalleled vibrance.  


Choose a Band Style

There are three band styles from which to choose: eternity bands, ½ or ¾ way bands, and multi-row bands. 


Eternity bands feature vibrant stones that wrap entirely around the band. This band style is show-stopping from every visible angle. 

cushion diamond halo eternity band 14 karat white gold

Cushion Diamond Halo Eternity Band

½ or ¾ way bands wrap halfway or three-quarters of the way around the band. This band style showcases metal color, which allows for playfulness when pairing a band with an engagement ring.

mini oval diamond yellow gold super stacking ring Mini Oval Yellow Gold Super Stacking Ring

Mini Oval Yellow Gold Super Stacking Ring, $1,980

Multi-row bands stack gemstones in multiple rows to add exceptional sparkle to your engagement ring. 

2.0 carat round diamond five row pave eternity band2.00 Carat Round Diamond Five-Row Pave Eternity Band side view

2.00 Carat Round Diamond Five-Row Pave Eternity Band, $3,900

Pick a Metal Color

Last to consider, but certainly not the least important, is metal color. You can use metal color to create a fascinating contrast with your engagement ring or the perfect continuity between your engagement ring and your wedding band. 


When selecting your wedding band, you can choose from the following metal finishes:


  • Platinum / White Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Rose Gold 

Ideas for Pairing Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

We truly believe that you could never have too much inspiration when it comes to engagement ring and wedding band pairings. While your end result is completely unique to you and your partner, you can garner helpful inspiration from fashionable pairings.

Timeless Elegance


Sometimes, less is more and other times, more is more. In this pairing, less is certainly more with our timeless, slim eternity band. Whether you pair this delicate eternity band with an oval solitaire, a radiant cut solitaire, or a cushion cut solitaire, the result is an elegant aesthetic that will last forever. 


Eclectic Combinations


Stacking, anyone? 

You can create as much contrast as your heart desires with clever stacking. In this video, we pair our 2.00 ct Rose Gold Oval Halo Engagement Ring with a bezel set and twisted diamond wedding bands for a match made in stacking heaven.


Tiara for a Queen


You don’t have to be a member of the royal family to feel like a queen. You can create an undeniably glamorous ring stack with our Baguette and Round Diamond Tiara Ring, which sits flush with a custom-made, radiant cut halo engagement ring. 


A Memorable Stack


Sometimes, the most unlikely pairs create an indisputable synergy. In this example, we pair a vintage-inspired Bezel Set Baguette Diamond Halfway Band with an emerald cut pave band engagement ring. 


For more engagement rings and wedding band pairings, you can view our wedding band video collection.

Find the Perfect Match

Selecting the perfect wedding band to match or “mis-match” your stunning engagement ring is an exciting endeavor, but it can be slightly overwhelming. 


At Lauren B, we have over 40 years of experience creating a timeless, unique, and glamorous engagement ring and wedding band pairings for our clients. Whether you are completely confident in your pairing vision, or you have an open mind for the countless possibilities, our sales associates are prepared to provide you with the resources and guidance you need to find your perfect match.