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How to Keep an Engagement Ring a Secret: A Brief How To Guide

A proposal is just about the only secret your significant other would accept and appreciate. In hindsight, of course. 

Unfortunately, shopping for an engagement ring and harboring a secret diamond in your home are excruciatingly difficult tasks. How do you keep shopping for an engagement ring a secret from your significant other when they know your daily routine, you share mutual friends, and your bank accounts have been linked for years? 


You can find solace in the knowledge that many people have successfully preceded you, and many people will successfully succeed you. 


Follow our advice, and you will have a pleasantly surprised significant other with a perfect ring. 


Oh, and you will be engaged. Congratulations, in advance!

How to Keep Shopping for an Engagement Ring a Secret

You have decided to ask the love of your life to marry you; that is a big deal that deserves a big deal diamond. 


Maybe you have a general shape in mind for your partner. Or, maybe you know a great deal about the 4 C’s of diamonds (carat, color, clarity, and cut) from month’s long research and you know exactly what you are looking to buy. Good for you!

pear shape diamond pave band engagement ring

Our 1.90 ct Pear Shape Diamond Pave-Prong Engagement Ring


Wherever you are on your ring shopping journey, you probably need a few tips on how to keep engagement ring shopping a secret from your significant other. 


Look no further. 

Retargeting Ads Are the Enemy

You know those ads that follow you around the Internet, pop up in your Instagram feed, or interrupt your two-hour-long YouTube binge? Those are called “retargeting ads.” 


Despite your most persistent internal persuasion, that ad “with that thing that I really wanted but didn’t buy” did not appear as a sign for you to whip out your credit card. Retargeting ads only follow you as a result of viewing a particular product; you’ve expressed interest and the company wants your business. 


While retargeting ads may be responsible for many of the super cool things in your home, they are the ENEMY when shopping for an engagement ring. Especially if you share a laptop, frequently show your significant other memes from your Instagram feed, or you share a YouTube Red account. 


When shopping for an engagement ring, be sure to use an Incognito browser or a privacy-centric Internet browser like DuckDuckGo. 

cushion cut diamond three-stone engagement ring round diamond side stones

Does your significant other need 3 diamonds? We think she needs 3 diamonds with our 1.51 ct Cushion Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring


Even the best liar can’t effectively explain away an engagement ring advertisement to a partner who is eager to tie the knot. 

Don’t Use a Shared Bank Account or Credit Card

We know you are very proud of the substantial budgeting and disciplined saving you endured to afford the best ring for the love of your life. You should be proud you accomplished little romantic, you!


This pride may cause you to be a little trigger happy when the jeweler asks for payment. Before you rush to purchase the perfect ring with your hard-earned cash, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Is this account connected with my significant other?
  2. Does my significant other monitor this account either for me or for us?
  3. Does my significant other have access to the statements for this account?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, use another account or open an account explicitly for this purpose. You can always close the account after you make your purchase.


If you are already knee-deep in this process and need to buy the ring now, you can buy the ring with a personal credit card and make smaller withdrawals from your funded joint account until you pay off the credit card purchase in full. 


The goal here is to avoid raising any red flags. 


Interested in learning more about the basics of diamond pricing? Check out our IGTV video “Diamond Pricing 101.” 

Avoid Telling Chatty Friends

friends happy cheering

@criene via Twenty20

Have a friend who tends to be, let’s say, a little “chatty” after a few drinks? Don’t tell them you are proposing to your significant other. 


Have a family member who would gush with love and excitement squeals when they see your significant other before your proposal? Dead giveaway. Don’t tell this family member you are proposing to your significant other. 


Have a close friend who cannot remember their child’s birthday, the date of their wedding, where they placed their keys, or what they ate for breakfast? You might be able to tell this friend that you are proposing to your significant other. 


As a general rule of thumb, it is probably best to avoid telling your significant other’s close friends. A momentous life event such as an engagement is incredibly difficult to keep a secret. 


If you want to keep your proposal a total secret from your partner, you need to be very particular about who you tell and how far in advance you tell them. 

The Best Places to Hide an Engagement Ring

You bought the ring; you did it. Hurrah! 


Next step: hide the engagement ring. 


If you live with your significant other, where the heck do you put this engagement ring so they don’t find it and completely destroy any chance of a surprise proposal? 


Here are a few of the best places to hide an engagement ring.

If Your Significant Other is Short…

You can hide the engagement ring on a high shelf. Who actually wants to drag a ladder from the garage to the upstairs closet to reach a high shelf? No one. 


Just make sure this shelf is infrequently used or located in an area of the house unappealing to your significant other. 

If Your Significant Other Hates Sports…

You can hide the engagement ring in a sports bag. Any sports bag. Take your pick. 


If you like to golf, place the ring in your golf bag. If you play recreational, indoor soccer, place the engagement ring in your new Nike bag. If you play pickup basketball, beach volleyball, or one of the many sports offered in your community, you can place your engagement ring in your sports bag.   


Before you select your sports bag as your hiding location, make sure the pocket is secure. You don’t want the ring box to fall out of the bag while en route. Also, make sure the ring box is either protected with an additional cushion (think bubble wrap or a piece of clean fabric) or placed in an area of your bag that cannot be damaged. 

If Your Significant Other is Grossed Out by Feet…

pile of various shoe types

@spacehalide via Twenty20

You’re in luck. You can place the engagement ring in a pair of unused shoes in the back of your closet. 


Make sure to tuck the ring box deep into the toe of the shoe to avoid a premature reveal. Also, take mental note of which shoes you select as a hiding spot to avoid a panicked, pre-proposal mess.

If Your Significant Other is Annoyed By Your Tool Collection…

Why do you have so many power tools? This may play to your advantage. 


You can hide the engagement ring in a box of nuts and bolts, in a toolbox with hammers and wrenches, or nestled in a small space next to your palm grip sander. 


Be careful that the ring box is protected from any sharp points or edges to avoid damage. 

If Your Significant Other is Just Too Resourceful…

Does your significant other binge watch Criminal Minds on Netflix? Can they recite Law and Order episodes by memory? Do they read true crime novels on a relaxing evening at home? 


Your significant other may be too resourceful to hide the engagement ring in your home. If this is the case, you can ask a trustworthy and responsible friend or family member to keep the ring in their home. 

You Got This!

Hopefully, now, keeping the process of shopping for an engagement ring a secret and subsequently hiding the engagement ring from your significant other feels less overwhelming. 


At Lauren B, we are a family-owned and operated jeweler with over 40 years of experience crafting the perfect “YES!” engagement moments for lovers everywhere. We know how important the engagement process is for you and your significant other, and our sales associates are here to guide you every step of the way: from finding the perfect ring to giving you last-minute confidence on proposal day. 

You got this! 

If you are just starting your journey, shop our engagement ring selections here. Or, you can schedule a virtual consultation to discuss customization options. For more information or to speak with someone directly please call (212)-391-0633 or email us [email protected]