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fun proposal ideas

  • March 20th may be National Proposal Day, but December is the most popular time of the month to be proposed to and I think we all know why. Though people have been proposing historically for quite some time, the history of the diamond engagement ring only starts in the late 1940s. According to JR Thorpe of Bustle.com, the first diamond ring wasn't even a classic solitaire, but instead was, " a gift from Archduke Maximilian of Austria to the noblewoman he was courting, 20-year-old Mary of Burgundy. Harry Winston went on to state that the ring appeared to be , "a delicate band adorned with diamonds in the shape of her first initial". This may seem like a modern twist on a classic idea, but in fact this is where it all began.

    The first question on everyone's mind when they hear that someone's been proposed to is usually in regards to the ring- but not far behind is the curiosity about exactly how the proposal went down. We are so lucky to work with a large variety of clients who all propose in ways unique to them, and in celebration of just how creative some got- we've put together a blog of our top 10 all time favorites!

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