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Engagement Ring Band Styles: three row pave vs single row

We get asked this question often: What do you think of the three row pave bands vs the single row? Engagement ring band styles are important to decipher since it determines the look of your ring

The answer depends on a few things. The main idea is to get something that fits your personal style. It needs to compliment the size and shape of your center diamond.  For those seeking some extra sparkle and flash, the triple row should be a strong consideration.  Those who prefer the center-stone to be the main attraction should opt for the single delicate row. This will measure around 1.8mm in most cases.  Three row bands are significantly more expensive than the single row designs. They require three times as many diamonds. Not to mention increased setting work and more metal to be incorporated into the design.

RS-126From the engagement ring band styles ur three row micro pave bands are a beauty. Lots of sparkle that you can view from every angle of the ring. These bands look the most beautiful from their profile. The RS-126 (shown to the left) is one of our best sellers with diamonds along the prongs and basket as well as on three sides of the shank.  These designs typically look best with more rectangular cuts like elongated cushions or radiant and ovals. They also look good with any larger size diamonds in the center or one that is encased in a halo. The reason for this is that the three row bands pack a lot of detail and will of course make the shank thicker so you would not want the band to "swallow up" from your center diamond. The longer cut diamonds, or ones with additional surface area create by the halo, will create more of a contrast with the thicker band.  Because this band is slightly heavier than others you want to make sure the center diamond is still the focal point and that there is the proper balance between the diamond and setting.

vnr-10294There are of course different types of multi row pave bands to choose from.  The most common one we create is where the diamonds are set in a domed, rounded formation for a smooth elegant appearance as seen in the RS-126 ring above.  Conversely, the bright cut style (shown to the right) has a small edge of metal between each row of diamonds to give it a more distinct, and sometimes vintage, appearance.  Choosing between these two is purely a matter of personal taste as either can look great with the right center-stone.


If you have more simple taste and would like a ring that puts the most attention on the diamond in the middle, a thin micropave band will look best. This design has just the right amount of accent sparkle without detracting from the diamond in the middle. These bands provide great versatility and look best paired with any diamond regardless of size and shape. Because the band is thin it won't compete for attention and you can do a very classic, no frills plain basket or four prong setting for the center-piece

VNR-13143If a classic thin pave ring is too simple for your liking you can always add some flavor by adding details to the underside of the diamond or by simply adding a halo.  This VNR-13143 cushion cut ring to the left features a wrap of diamonds beneath as well as pave stones running up the prongs.  These type of subtle details are perfect complements to these floating style pave band engagement rings.  While not visible when viewing the ring straight on, the profile view is a sight to behold

Still not enough?  Try adding a halo to these delicate bands such as RS-61 cushion cut style from our website.  The contrast created by the large center-piece (main diamond and halo) vs the dainty band is sure to help you achieve that much sought after floating look.

The options for engagement ring styles may seem endless but pondering all these questions prior to your engagement ring shopping experience will surely be helpful in narrowing things down before the big purchase.