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Engagement Ring Trend Predictions 2021

New year, new rings! At Lauren B, one (maybe the only?) awesome thing about 2020 was that it brought about new inspiration amongst our clients for creative and original diamond rings.

Lauren B Trend Predictions 

We polled our staff to see how these unique new-comers stack up to some of the classics that LB ring-lovers have purchased for years! One thing is for sure: some styles come and go, but we always look forward to seeing what trends transcend!

Diamond Duo Solitaire Rings VS 3-Stone Rings

Why settle for one diamond when you can have 2.. or 3? Our Diamond Duo styles are a new addition to the LB repertoire, an idea that was recently popularized by celebrities like model Emily Ratajkowski and singer Ariana Grande! Whether you prefer contrasting shapes, alternative gemstones, or a twin set of perfectly matched center stones, Diamond Duo rings are double the fun!

Shop the style here:

Pear and Emerald Cut Diamond Duo Ring

Though it was a super close call, the Diamond Duo rings fell JUST short of the anticipated popular trend to the classic 3-stone ring! (For just HOW close, the final results were 51% for 3-stone, with 49% in favor of the Diamond Duo style!

Shop the style here:

1.51-carat Cushion Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Marquise Diamond Rings VS Antique Cushion Diamond Rings

Making "old" new again, antique cushion diamonds won this duel against marquise diamonds for our 2021 trend predictions! While both are considered classic cuts, the antique cushion is seeing a resurgence due to its distinctive brilliance and chunky look!

Shop the Style here:

4.39-carat Antique Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

No need to discourage our marquise-lovers based on these results! These are still one of our top recommended shapes for finger coverage - and look super stunning in a halo, too!! We still say the marquise is worth your consideration for a ring that stands out from the pack!

Shop the Style here:

Marquise Diamond Yellow Gold Six-Prong Design

Lab-Grown Diamond Rings VS Colored Stone Rings

Okay, so this one may have started a bit sooner than 2021, but we are already getting requests from all over regarding lab-grown diamonds! Not to be confused with a Moissanite, these stones are composed of natural carbon that is manufactured into a diamond under artificial conditions. So while this option is not as inexpensive as Moissanite, and has not had its own journey through the earth like a natural diamond, they serve as a gorgeous in-between for those considering their alternatives!

While we don't have rings containing these in our immediate inventory just yet, we can custom make any ring with a lab-grown diamond as your center stone from our vast inventory of loose options!

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Lab-Grown Cushion Diamond Rings

Speaking of alternatives, colored gems and diamonds are just as stunning as their icy white counterparts! We offer a vast selection of colored loose gems and rings in every shape and shade! At LB, we love the opportunities clients give us to create something truly unique, with interesting center stones serving as a perfect foundation!

Shop the Styles here:

4.01ct Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

Double Band Style Rings VS Colored Metal Solitaire Rings

If the Diamond Duo ring is proof that great things come in pairs, why not have twice the bands as well? While this style is best reserved for clients looking to maximize finger coverage, there is something elegant about the contrast of the halo with the simplicity of the plain bands!

As you may have predicted, the colored metal solitaire is looking up to be one of the biggest trends for the year, and likely more years to come! We love how receptive our clients have been to two-tone solitaires that show a flattering, warm rose or yellow tone on the hand while still maintaining a white basket that keeps the crisp, colorless sparkle of a center diamond!

Shop the Style here:

1.51 ct Cushion Cut Diamond Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring


Signature Diamond Wrap VS Hidden Halo Rings

2 LB favorites, dueling for the final spot in our 2021 trends list - and the diamond wrap still reigns supreme! Though we only released the trademarked Hidden Halo about 2 years ago, our Signature Diamond Wrap has been a lasting favorite that put us on the map! Whether you prefer the detailing to be viewed from the side view only, or to add a subtle perimeter of diamonds visible from the top view as well, we think both of these styles are here for the long haul - and you just might see them on this list next year!

Shop the Diamond Wrap Style here: 

Diamond Wrap Style Rings

Shop the Hidden Halo Style here: 

Hidden Halo Style Rings

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